Friday, August 24, 2012

Twas the night before the Color Run

Tomorrow is the big day
How long have I been talking [blogging] about this 5k?
Probably since my first in April

I am setting a new PR tomorrow:
Getting up before 5 am on a Saturday to sweat.

I'll have my trusty sidekick with me for our travel into Brooklyn.
As well as Venti coffees from Starbucks, obvs.
There we are meeting up with the rest of our group including fellow gymrat Gina (@burningbabifat) and Rachael (@ready2getsweaty) who I've never met before!

All I have heard is how amazing of an experience this race is/will be, which is only adding to my excitement.
I feel like a child on Christmas eve.

Tonight I will be painting my nails different shades of bright colors, making my tank top 
and laying out the rest of my outfit, aka pink sunglasses and old pants.

I'll be back later with pictures of both, don't you worry.
If you are attending the Color Run tomorrow let me know, tweet me (@juskeepsweating) I want to meet/take pictures with you. 
Don't be shy 

Happy Friday
Color Run EVE


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