Monday, December 5, 2016

Scenes from the weekend #3

I should really call these posts "Snaps from the weekend" because the majority of the photos are screen shots from my snapchat.

Should I change it? Let me know!

Friday morning I took my workout to the mall with my Stroller Strides crew and decided to have a treat yo self moment and pick up an Apple watch.

I went back and forth between the 38mm and the 42mm size for a good thirty minutes before deciding bigger IS better. 

The remainder of the day was spent working while Eddie tackled more of his attic project.

Saturday morning I HIIT the gym (see what I did there?) and put my watch to work for the first time. I actually wore my Polar on one wrist and my Apple watch on the other, just to test the accuracy.

 I am thrilled to report my burns were almost exactly the same, they were slightly higher on my AW but I'll take it.

After Molly woke up from her nap we piled into the car and head out for our "family errand day." First stop was BJ's for formula, which I cannot wait to stop having to buy every two weeks, and then Walmart for wreaths.

I was inspired by a late night (9:30 pm) instagram scroll to put wreaths in every window in the front of our home.  Although the photo is a little dark because the sun was setting when we finally finished, we are really happy with the outcome. Eddie wants to get a larger wreath for our middle window but I think keeping them all the same is the way to go, if you have an opinion or suggestion please leave it below!

After Walmart we went to lunch, something we rarely do anymore but it was a nice way to break up the day. I didn't take pictures of our meals but I did capture Molly's mess.

I wasn't paying attention and emptied the dust from her yogurt melts all over the table.
Don't worry, I cleaned it up!

After lunch we stopped at A.C Moore to pick up crafting supplies for Gigi and Molly to work on this week for Christmas gifts. Then we made it to our final destination, Bath & Body works for their $8.50 candle sale.

On the bottom left is "winter rose," I found this one on our way out of the store and quickly swapped it with another I had in my bag already. I am kicking myself for not buying more of this one!

Sunday we adventured into downtown Annapolis for Eddie's first time at the Iron Rooster.

The wait for a table was 35 minutes but we bumped into a few friends who were also waiting so it made the time pass much more quickly.

 One thing the Iron Rooster is known for is their homemade poptarts. They always have brown sugar and mixed berry on the menu then one specialty tart which on Sunday was oreo.

We both found it to be very disappointing but the brown sugar, my all time favorite, was just as perfect as ever.

After lunch we did our weekly food haul at Trader Joe's, what we gained in food we lost in socks. Every time we go food shopping Molly loses a sock, it has gotten to the point the people at Trader Joe's know us because of this. 

All in all, we had a fantastic and busy weekend. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Scenes from the Weekend #2

For those of you struggling this morning, repeat after me:

Short work week. 
Short work week. 
Short work week.

This weekend was another one with no real plans which we were a-okay with. Eddie spent the majority of his weekend working on an attic project he's been wanting to complete. He added flooring to areas that didn't have any and started to re-insulate (is that even the term?) 

I kicked off my weekend with a HIIT class and it was just what I needed after a stressful week. 

Also, I LOVE my Hydroflask water bottle. If you're looking for a great gift to give to someone (or yourself) I recommend one of these. 

After the gym Molly and I had to hide in our room for awhile due to our house cleaners having to come back from the night before (long story) so we watched Daniel Tiger and had some snacks.

These two love to keep me company while I am getting ready for the day. I have to admit, they're very entertaining together, so it's a welcomed distraction.

Once the cleaners had finished working and Eddie took a break from his project we all went out grocery shopping and to pick up our Christmas tree!

Eddie has always been a fan of multi-colored lights, which I also loved when I was growing up, but as an adult, I prefer white. Thankfully this tree has both and eight different light settings, which is completely unnecessary but we're happy with it.

It didn't take Molly long to warm up to our new house guest. I think we will have to baby gate it off once the ornaments go up next week.

Yesterday was the coldest day we have had this Fall but Molly and I  got bundled up and spent the day with my parents in Delaware. Tax free shopping, woohoo!

We spent the majority of the day in the car because the wind paired with the cold was just too much for this little tamale but we had fun just being together.

We got home late Sunday afternoon, just in time for dinner which is Molly and Daddy time. While they ate I tackled a project of my own.

Molly's hospital bracelet and the hat she wore when she was born. My plan is to have it on our tree year after year until she is old enough to have a tree of her own and then it will go on hers, if she wants it too. 

I don't love how the hat and bracelet are laying inside of the ornament so I may have to buy a smaller one or glue them together somehow. 

Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated.

I wanted to leave you all with this photo I came across this weekend. I shared it on my Instagram for many reasons but with this week being Thanksgiving it really resonates with me.

Take your life and make it the best story in the world.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

5 Things I am excited about right now

1. The new Bruno Mars cd that drops tomorrow.

I pre-ordered it the minute I heard 24k but really, who doesn't get excited about new Bruno music? This will also give my family a break from listening to the Hamilton soundtrack in its entirety, every day.

2. Thanksgiving. I can't believe we are one week away from the biggest eating day of the year! 

(last Thanksgiving)

This is the last first holiday for Molly since she was born three weeks ahead of her due date and joined us for Christmas last year. I can't wait to see her reaction to all of the new foods she gets to try.

3. Decorating our home for Christmas. This is our first year as homeowners and I have yet to decorate for a single holiday we have had here but Christmas? It's on! 
( Last Christmas in our townhouse)
Eddie has already measured the outside for lights and I am in the middle of trying to pick our tree, which is a much more difficult process than expected. The one thing I am worried about? Molly destroying our decor. This should be an interesting 5 week experiment.

4. Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting.

 Although the shows quality has taken a total nose dive over the last decade I still watch it every year because it's tradition. Being a New Yorker I have so many memories of visiting the tree year after year that the lighting feels like the true Christmas season kick-off.

5. The weekend. I know this is cliché but I really am looking forward to this weekend.

Work has been insane and poor Molly has been sick with a cold, which means no sleep for either of us. We have NO plans (as of now) but I know I will be treating myself to some alone time at the nail salon.  Even if it's only an hour, I cherish that time by myself.

What are five things you're excited about right now?

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