Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rabbit Rabbit

For as long as I can remember I have always made an effort to remember to start a new month with "rabbit rabbit" being the very first words out of my mouth. I am not sure when I learned of the British tradition but I know that I feel better about the month ahead when I do it.

That being said, I am so happy for a new month and a fresh start. August and September were both very intense and stressful months but I am entering October with a clean slate and a hopeful heart. 

There are also a lot of things I am looking forward to this month. For starters, Eddie and I have our labor and delivery tour at the hospital tomorrow night where I plan to give birth (so weird) and next week we are taking an Infant and Child CPR class.

Also on the menu this month is taking my mom to see the Carole King musical "Beautiful" at the Kennedy Center in DC. I have been wanting to take her to see this show since it first made its Broadway debut in 2013 and I am so happy it has made its way to our area and we're able to finally go.

And the thing I am most excited about this month is definitely my baby shower. I cannot wait to spend the day with family and friends who are kind enough to make the trip down to Virginia to celebrate Molly joining us later this year. Being far from family and friends has been very difficult since we moved but I am thankful that some of my nearest and dearest will be able to see the new place we call home and see Molly's room which is almost finished!

All in all I know this month will be better than the previous two and I am excited about being even closer to the day that Molly joins our family. 

Here's to new beginnings!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I wrote this post for myself. To get my thoughts and feelings out of my system, this blog is my form of therapy and I need this outlet right now. That being said, I apologize in advance for all of the whining/complaining ahead, I won't blame you for not reading this post.
If you do read it, thank you for listening.

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months where it feels as though anything that could go wrong, did?

   That's how I have felt these last two weeks. Before I go into all of the details, I want to say just how fortunate I feel that my little family, and immediate family are all happy and healthy. At the end of the day that's what truly matters, not all of the events that have been happening recently.

    It all started two weeks ago with a bridesmaids dress that a bridal shop ordered the entirely wrong size for me. Long story short (4 seamstresses, countless phone calls/emails, tons of tears and a trip to David's bridal later) I was forced to drop out of one of my best friends weddings and the owner of the shop had the nerve to tell me I should have known better than to get pregnant when I was part of someones wedding. Funny how tough we are when we're not face to face with someone....
The entire ordeal was crushing because there is no higher honor then standing up there and witnessing the blessing that is marriage.

 A few days later, last Tuesday to be exact, I noticed Max was having an issue with his eye. I knew immediately it was something serious and almost made the trip to an animal ER but thankfully my more rational half AKA Eddie talked me out of it. Turns out I was right, Max has an ulcer on his eye. It's been a week of round the clock drops + pain killers and although it looks better, I can still see it so I'm not sure what that means just yet but we find out Thursday morning if he will need surgery. 

Please pray for him!
  Oh, in between the bridesmaids dress and Max's eye ulcer our neighbor hit our brand new car backing out of his driveway. We found out by a nice note that was slid under our door.

  On Friday I discovered my debit card had been compromised for the second time in two months. As the person who does all of the banking and bill paying in the house this was one huge pain in the ass because now I need to change the numbers EVERYWHERE.

This brings us to last night. Eddie and I went to check the mail to discover a TON and I mean a ton of bills we were not expecting. One being medical bill from genetic testing back in June that I was never told would be considered "out of network." Yes shame on me for not checking, but I had no idea and now I'm paying the price, literally. Then we received a property tax bill for one of our cars. As New Yorkers for our entire lives we are not used to this and it took us by total surprise... Yay? No.

   And to end the night, Eddie suggested I go for a walk with Max to clear my mind a bit because I am an overly emotional, hormonal mess these days and he can't stand to see me so upset. While walking around our complex there were a ton of people out and about which is very common for our area, however, I noticed someone across the street walking with a scream mask and it just didn't add up. I kept going and made my way home, only to notice him again but this time it was just him and I and he stopped a few feet away from me and just stood there. I immediately became terrified (I HATE masks) and ran into our house and locked the doors.

 Wtf was this person doing?! 
Why was he here?! 
Why was he wearing a mask while the sun was still out?!

  I had a full on panic attack after that and it resulted in Eddie calling to cops just to let them know what's going on.
 Needless to say it's been a really rough two weeks for me, I would say for us, but Eddie handles everything so much better then I do.
   I just want to know when I will catch a break.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby S: 23 Weeks

Catch Up on Previous Baby S Updates!

What fruit/vegetable are you? Papaya

Due date:  1/3/16

How far along:  23 weeks

Next appointment:   October 8thfor my Glucose test/ 27 week appt. AND it is my last appointment before starting to go every 2 weeks.. time is really starting to fly!

Total weight gain/loss 10 lbs! So 15lbs total and Molly weighs 1.2lbs. I know ten sounds like a lot of weight in a month but that’s 2 lbs a week and given the fact I hadn’t gained for almost 20 weeks my doctor said this is totally normal and right on track for a healthy pregnancy.

Exercise: Hiking with Eddie and prenatal yoga classes on the weekends. I am loving the change of my gym routine and exploring our area together!

Stretch marks: Before I lost my 60 lbs at the beginning of my weight loss journey I had strectch marks from my weight gain. Over time they have faded but now that my belly is growing I am noticing the old faded marks becoming more visible again. I am thankful there are no new ones as of now and I am hoping to keep it that way!

Swelling: Yes. This has become an issue for me when I am sitting upright for too long (long car rides, desk, etc) and we unforuntately had to leave the baseball game early due to horrible hip pain and swelling. We have a long car ride coming up in a few weeks and my doctor suggested stopping every hour or so to get out and walk for a bit to avoid further hip discomfort and for swelling to wear compression socks. Man I am a hottie!

Maternity clothes: I am OBSESSED with Target’s pants you can wear out in public but feel like sweats. I have no clue what they’re really called but I am LIVING in them.

 These are the three pairs I am currently rotating (don't worry they do not come above my ankles!) and I definitely plan on buying more in the future. They'll be perfect post delivery as well.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases or Gifts? Molly's curtains! Although there is still a lot to do in her room it feels much more complete with her curtains hung.


Sleep: Terrible this week. I was up every night again for multiple hours mostly due to the fact I was worried about Max (our Shih Tzu) who suddenly developed an ulcer on his eye Tuesday night. The vet is hopeful it will clear up with medicine but I was just so concerned with him all week I couldn’t sleep.

Food cravings:  Olive garden salad and hot chocolate

Food aversions:  None, just the smell of BBQ/burning charcoal

Symptoms: Hormonal acne has come back yet again and overstayed its welcome as well as anxiety. I have found myself having waves of worry about labor and delivery, becoming a parent, if we will be good parents, etc. 

What I'm looking forward to:   The start of my 10 week Prenatal Yoga class next week!

Best moment this week:  Late Saturday afternoon I was able to get the last prenatal massage appointment of the day. After a really rough week I felt like it may help me relax and hopefully sleep better.

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