Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's New at Trader Joe's #2

When I went looking for the first post I did in this "series" I couldn't believe it was back in November. I need to stop taking such lengthy breaks between regularly posting.

This morning after class I ran home got Molly fed and dressed before getting back in the car for a Trader Joe's run. We were those people sitting in the parking lot for twenty minutes waiting for it to open.

My original plan: Milk, PBJ bars and ghee. 
What I left with: $165 of groceries

This Mexican style roasted corn screams "Step up your Taco Tuesday with me!"
And that's now it ended up in my freezer.

I have seen a few posts about this onion salt over on the 'gram (Instagram, mom) and figured if it's half as good as the everything bagel seasoning I better pick it up now.

One of my good friends (hi Betsy!) suggested putting this on roasted potatoes, if you try it let me know!

We're on a major watermelon kick over here. It's currently one of the only foods Molly will eat so when I saw this I thought it would be fun to have on hand to make popsicles or for some Mommy juice 😉

The parmesan pups are Eddie's favorite and have become a staple in our house so when I saw these I knew I couldn't leave them behind.  From the looks of the box, they'll be a part of our family from now on as well. 

I can't say for certain that this is a new product but it was new to me, so for this posts sake, it counts. Now the question is, do we grill it, smoke it, or instant pot it?

These were intriguing plain and simple. 
I like honey, butter and potato chips so what could go wrong?

And last but not least my "Orange is the New Black" treat for this weekend. 
Who doesn't love S'mores? 

I'd like to quickly note that this post looks like it's full of junk food and that's because it is. But please keep in mind this is not showcasing any of the other proteins, fruits or veggies I purchased, I am solely focusing on the new/fun products I found.

Which of these would you be most likely to try? 
Which of these are something you would never buy?

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