Sunday, March 26, 2017

Meal Plan: Week of 3/26

On Friday's I map out my meal plan for the coming week. As long as I plan and prep for Sunday-Friday I find that I am able to stay on track. Saturdays are always up in the air because we tend to be out and about or have plans with family and friends so I just opt to make the best choices wherever we are but I don't put too much stress on myself.

When approaching my meal plan I try to pick 2-4 recipes to alternate for lunch and dinner throughout the 6 days, it doesn't always happen but it's my goal. 

Above you will see only M-F but I started this plan today. The recipes I am alternating this week are:

TIU Banana PB Oats

(My own recipe from 2012!)
*Red lentil pasta with chicken sausage and roasted broccoli, I just made this up but can share if you're interested.
*Snack boxes, inspired by Starbucks protein bistro box. Here are a few great ideas from Cooking Light to make your own: Copycat Starbucks bistro box

Off to meal prep!
Whats on your menu this week?

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