Monday, February 8, 2016

20 from my 20's

In 29 days I will be leaving my 20's behind and entering my third decade of life. I wish I had followed through on my plans to create a 30 before 30 list but alas I did not. Instead, I am here to recap and reflect on 20 moments from my 20's.
Memories for me, a "getting to know you" of sorts for you.

1.     Graduated college

2.     Bought my first car, a Mazda 3

3. Married my best friend


4.     Lost 50 lbs

5.     Started this blog

6.     Met and sweat with Jillian Michaels


7.     Lived in Philadelphia for almost two years

8.     Worked out with Nike at Met Life Stadium

9.     Got my first dog, Max which eventually led to my second, Chance


10. Moved out of my parents house
11. Had knee surgery 

12. Ran my first 5k

13. Said goodbye to my childhood home


14. Vacationed in Jamaica with almost all of my favorite people


15. Moved to a city I had never been to before

16.  Attended a private book launch party for Bob Harper  (he’s so sweet!)


17. Got into my first car accident, which wasn’t my fault!


18. Went to Billy Joel’s Last Play at Shea
Which was before iPhones (weird) so this is the only picture I have


19. Gave birth to my new best friend, Molly


20. TBA… Very soon


  1. Awesome list! And your 30's will be even better! :) xo