Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dealing WIth Lack of Motivation

Warning: This post is pretty much me rambling on and on....

Up until recently I hadn't noticed or realized just how out of my routine I was. Moving really threw me through a loop in every aspect of my life which I was well aware of but it didn't occur to me just how much it had affected my diet and fitness routine.

I had become much more lax about my "diet" in recent months. I use the term diet loosely because I do not follow any specific plan, I focus more on eating as healthy/clean as possible but I don't restrict myself from burgers and fries if that's something I am craving that particular day. 

I have changed my fitness routine drastically over the last 6 months, I went from kickboxing 4x a week, plus lifting to boxing, tabata and spin classes without much lifting and when I tell you I see the difference I mean it.  Lifting not only helped me tone up but it helped me loose inches. It was never something I fell in love with but now that I have stopped doing it consistently I am realizing the importance of balance between cardio and lifting.

This week is the first week since moving back in September that I have meal prepped and got back into the habit of making green juices. I took four consecutive days out of the gym, which was the first time I've done that since I had my knee surgery last June, simply because I didn't feel like working out. This was something I struggled with because it didn't feel like me to NOT want to work out but at the same time 4 days off in a row after 10 months isn't that big of a deal. 

My focus is back and a lot of that comes from the fact I will be going to Jamaica in March for my sisters wedding. I think most of us are motivated by goals/deadlines, I have never had a "goal weight" or "ideal body" because I just want to be happy in my clothes and strong in the gym. Right now I feel as though I am neither of these things and I am bringing back "Operation LOCK IT UP" which was something I did before my bridal shower. 

I focused on eating clean, working hard in the gym and for some reason I put a post-it note countdown on my wall and took a post it off everyday that I was on track with my eating and fitness and to remind myself I was one day closer to my event. As a visual person this really helped keep me focused and motivated so I am hoping this will be that extra push I need.

What do you do when you lose your focus or motivation?

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