Monday, January 12, 2015

Caffeine On The Go!

Hey Guys! Happy New Year!

I had every intention of blogging way before the second week of January but somehow time slipped by without me even realizing. However, I am back with something really exciting to share with all of you so that kind of makes up for my lack of posting as of late.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new product, Caffeinated Club. For those of you who know me beyond the blog or have watched our videos you have probably picked up on the fact that I LOVE seltzer/club soda. I prefer to drink it over anything, besides coffee, because I cannot function without it. However, Caffeinated Club takes my two favorite beverages and combines them into one awesome product!

 Caffeinated Club is a flavored club soda with a boost of caffeine which is a great alternative for soda drinks looking to give up sugar and artificial sweeteners. It's also great for coffee drinkers, like me because it is portable, just toss it in your bag for a boost of caffeine while you're on the go! 

Unfortunately, it's not available in any stores in my area (yet) so I've had to order it online BUT there is free shipping on all orders in the United States, so that makes it a bit easier on the wallet.

Caffeinated Club comes in four flavors: Clear Club Soda, Lemon,Orange Grapefruit, and Raspberry.
 All of which are delicious, my favorite is a toss up between the Raspberry and the Orange Grapefruit, both of which I drink in a wine glass with lots of ice... because I am classy like that.

If you're interested in trying my new favorite drink you can order here: Caffeinated Club 

What is your favorite beverage?


  1. I drink so much seltzer. Imagine how crazy this would make me.

  2. dang! Was all excited until I saw it was carbonated.... would love just a plain water with caffeine - no bubbles, no artificial sweeteners or sugar.....