Saturday, December 13, 2014

This Week In Vlogs 12/5-12/11

My husband and I upload daily vlogs on our YouTube channel, and although I post them on a 2 day delay I am going to start sharing our week in videos here on Saturday mornings.

So grab your breakfast and drink of choice, and yes you may choose alcohol, sit down and enjoy the show!

Friday December 5- Shopping in Arlington

Saturday December 6-  Hardest Class, Errands & Couch Time

Sunday December 7- Motivation Tips, New FitGear & Trying to Rap

Monday December 8- The Most Productive Day Ever

Tuesday December 9- New Protein Pancake Recipe & Exciting Purchases!

Wednesday December 10- Cooking with Eddie, Whole Foods and Numb Face

Thursday December 11- Trader Joe's and Marshalls Haul