Monday, August 18, 2014

Oats + Cheerios = Sustainble Energy for the Gym!

Now that I am getting back into my regular workout routine for the first time since surgery I am finding that I need to change my eating habits to help keep my energy up not only during my classes, but throughout the day.

Cheerios have been a staple in my household for as long as I can remember. 

As a child I ate Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast almost everyday. When I started my weight loss journey 5 years ago I would have Chocolate Cheerios as my night time snack in yogurt and now I am eating the Cheerios Protein to keep me going!

This weekend was no exception. I had two intense work outs back to back.

Saturday morning I had Power X, after a late night out with friends I was actually dreading the class. I knew it would be hot out in the sun and I just wasn't prepared to get my booty handed to me that morning, until I remembered I had Oats n Honey Cheerios in the cabinet. 
I had a small bowl with almond milk before class and found myself having sustainable energy to get me through the battle ropes, TRX and ViPRs.

For being exhausted and unmotivated I was really happy with that burn.

Sunday morning a good friend joined me for arms, abs and kickboxing. It's only the second time since surgery that I was able to get back to those classes so I really wanted to make sure I gave myself proper preparation time and had a good solid meal before class.
Since the Cheerios got me through Saturday mornings class I figured I'd try it again for Sunday.

Thankfully I had time to digest a bit before jumping around in kickboxing. Squat jumps and jumping jacks aren't so easy on a full stomach! 
Again I had incredible energy to fuel me throughout the 90 minute class and I felt invigorated for the rest of my day.

Eddie and I went food shopping after the gym and I got all of the ingredients to recreate these 
I couldn't help but get excited when Eddie said he would take them for breakfast this week as well.
PS- If you're looking for new healthy recipe ideas check out  
I pinned a few new ones to make this Fall! 

All in all it was a perfect weekend filled with intense workouts and good food.

It doesn't get much better than that!

Disclaimer: Cheerios’ campaign is through All opinions are my own and the Cheerios were purchased with my own money.


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