Monday, December 16, 2013

No Day But Today


I was up and in the gym by 7:45 for my Jump & Drill class, my knee is finally feeling better after a week of lower intensity workouts so that was a nice bonus to a good burn. After class Becky and I used some of the leg machines so I can start focusing on building up the muscles around my meniscus and in my knee to avoid further injury which I was told when I went to PT last year but never followed through with.

After the gym I stopped at the food store quick to pick up some firewood and snacks for girls night that would be happening later that day, but had to hurry because Eddie and I had a very special delivery coming!

My parents bought us a new bed for Christmas and now our bedroom transformation is finally complete! I just want to get a few things for the wall and all will be finished :)

The rest of the day on Saturday was spent baking what felt like endless amounts of cookies with my mom.
 We had a great time spending the day together but neither one of us actually enjoys baking so it turned into more of a hassle then a relaxing experience.
I'll stick to cooking in the future.

Saturday night the girls came over, we exchanged Christmas gifts and I got a sweater I have been wanting for MONTHS from our gym, I just couldn't justify spending the money on it for myself, so thankfully they did it for me!

After our gift exchange we watched the Little Mermaid, drank some wine, ate some snacks and did acro yoga by the fire.

 Followed by a sleepover.
An awesome Saturday night if you ask me.


 We were up and in the gym by 8 am for our usual arms, abs and kickboxing.
Even though the fans were on high and the room wasn't as crowded as it usually is we managed to fog all of the mirrors and sweat like crazy.
It was an intense workout to say the least.

Thankfully following the gym we had a big family brunch planned and I basically spent the entire time eating back all of the calories I burned and then some. On my way home I popped into Target quick and I was so glad I did when I came across these in the dollar spot.
They were $3 [ I hate how they mix the $1 and $3 items] and worth every penny.

By the time I got home it was around 4:30 and I immediately climbed into bed where I stayed for the rest of the night catching up on Homeland [OMG the finale!? WTF!?] and I also watched an Idina Menzel special I had DVRed last week.

One of the songs she sang was "Another Day" from my favorite musical of all time, RENT. Before she got into the song she gave a little background on the story behind RENT and Jonathon Larson, the man who wrote the screen play. As someone who has seen the show multiple times, owns the movie and a live performance DVD, books, etc. This really hit home for me and inspired me to share one of the many great quotes from the show with all of you.



  1. Those socks are awesome! And totally love your bedroom design :)

  2. I am obsessed with socks...I think I bought like 12 pairs for myself yesterday at target

  3. One of my favorite shows/movies/sayings. Thank you, Carlyn.