Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Latest Obsession

  Sometimes it takes a little impulse shopping trip on Black Friday to see your wardrobe and fashion skills in an entirely new light.

I tackled the sales with my sister last week expecting to find nothing.
Yea, BIG mistake.
I spent under $300 and got myself almost an entire new wardrobe.

Here is the haul video I shot for it if you want to see all of my purchases:

In addition to that I have begun posting outfits of the day/ outfit layouts everyday this week on my Instagram and I have to admit I am loving all of the feedback!
I see my clothes, shoes and accessories in a whole new way. 
I'm wearing pieces I haven't touched in years!

I've been tagging #outfitshare #outfitlayout #wiw #wiwt #ootd

Are there any other outfit of the day hashtags I am missing out on?


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