Monday, December 9, 2013

The Perfect Weekend

This weekend was one of those where we had no plans but kept ourselves super busy.

It all started on Friday with a bedroom makeover.

It's amazing what paint and new curtains can do for a room!
The color is Behr Vintage Grape and we are LOVING it.

Saturday started off with an amazing workout.
Right after the gym I got myself ready for a massive Trader Joe's stock up trip with Eddie and my best friend Sarah. It was her FIRST time there... we couldn't believe it!


The rest of the day Eddie and I spent picking up around the house and relaxing. That night we decided to take Eddie's new telescope for a spin and look at the moon.

It was amazing! I couldn't believe how clearly I was able to see the craters. We can't wait until it's warm enough out for us to go on telescope adventures.

I hit the gym for my usual abs, arms and kickboxing routine however the bitter cold and tight/sore muscles caused me some knee issues during the class so I had to take my intensity down several notches.
Post workout I took my sweaty, stinky self to the food store to pick up the rest of the things on our list we didn't get at TJ's on Saturday.
We usually stock up on freezer/snack items at Trader Joe's.

Shopping cart packed out with healthy, yummy eats = Happy Carlyn and Eddie

I even got a few new things to try!

Admittedly I am kind of over pumpkin spice for the season but I wanted to try this in my morning coffee [I am currently hooked on International Delight's Salted Caramel Mocha OMG] or in a post workout shake.
I've been horrible at having shakes for dinner lately, time to get back on the bandwagon so I can keep those pesky holiday pounds off my bod!

It snowed all afternoon here yesterday so Eddie and I took that as a sign we needed to have a Friday Night Lights marathon on the couch and a fire in the fireplace.

We ended up getting halfway through season 1 and both dreamt about being quarterbacks last night.

Before we went to bed for the night we had to have some dinner:
Chipotle inspired burrito bowls were on the menu and I used the quinoa brown rice mix I picked up earlier as my base.
Yep, I will definitely be repurchasing this AND making this dish again.

I loved everything about this weekend :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! Love the new purple theme in your room!

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