Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Party!

Tuesday night was the Delta Labs/Gamma Labs Christmas dinner.
In the past I have dreaded having to spend time with co-workers outside of work... probably because I was unhappy where I was but that was not the case this year.
I was actually excited!

I had my outfit, accessories and nails ready to go the night before just so I wouldn't be scrambling the morning/day of.

Debbie [my boss] and I arrived at the restaurant early to set up the name tags she made for everyone and to have a much needed holiday cocktail!

We had a private room and it was absolutely beautiful, everything from the fireplace to the menu was perfect.

Speaking of menu we had some of the most delicious food anyone could ask for.

We started with passing appetizers: Sliders, pigs in a blanket, grilled cheese and chicken skewers.
 In between cocktail hour and our first course they brought out five seafood towers, which was a huge hit with everyone.
Our first course was a choice between crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, tempura artichoke hearts [which I chose] or a goat cheese tart.

The second course was a choice of salad, I went with the house salad that had bacon, pears, a stinky cheese I didn't eat and honey mustard dressing.

For dinner I went with Filet Mignon and it was the BEST steak I've ever had.
 Eddie was so upset when I told him this was the leftovers I was bringing home to him:

Sorry pal!

The entire night was filled with good food and great people.
Exactly what the holidays are all about!


  1. What a great way to celebrate with the ones we are "forced" to spend most of our time with !