Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

Wasn't I just sharing my Friday Favorites? Now I am recapping the weekend?
Time most certainly is FLYING.


I was up bright and early for my double workout. At the end I was tired, sweat soaked and happy.
I wore one of my favorite lulu lemon tank tops that was once super tight on me, now...loose as a goose.
Love that feeling.

After hitting the gym I cleaned for 4 straight hours while singing and dancing to country music. Sometimes it's nice to have the place to yourself :)

Saturday night was ladies night at my place.

We had originally planned to just pregame at my house then hit the town hence the hair and makeup being done, but that never happened.

I blame this view + loaded coronas for that.


I woke up hurting.
Tequila is NOT my friend, it never has been and never will be.
However I hang out with it trying to make some sort of relationship work, when will I learn?

Regardless of how I felt, I hit the gym for arms-abs-kickboxing.
It wasn't pretty.
I went to take a picture of my Polar FT4 to share my post workout burn [742] and accidentally erased it <--thanks brain.="" p="" tequila="">

I food shopped right after the gym, picked up breakfast for Eddie and I. Then as soon as he left for work, I passed out for 3 1/2 hours.

Sunday night consisted of wrapping my bridesmaids gifts --THREE WEEKS!!
Pinning hairstyles for my hair/makeup trial tomorrow.
I *think* this is the one I am going with

And tea

How was your weekend?