Friday, August 9, 2013


YES You read that title correctly. Friday Favorites is BACK.

I am going to try my absolute best to make this a weekly occurrence because I love writing them as much as you love reading them!

Without further adieu lets get to some favorites...

Favorite Entry Way:

The color scheme, the frame... I want it all.

Favorite Funny:
This accurately explains all things "social media"

Favorite TV Show:
If you've been following me Twitter you'll already know what I am about to say.
I cannot say enough great things about this show. There is not a single character I don't like. There are stories within the story which I love.
If you have Netflix, watch it.
[PS I just found out it's a true story and there is a book, which I bought this am]

Favorite Nail Polish:
Boom Boom Room by Essie.
It's been on my nails more then any color ever has.

It is the greatest pink nail polish color that has ever existed.
and I know pink.

Favorite Veggie of the Moment:

I just can't get enough of it.
It's so versatile too.
Stay in season forever, please

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Wedding Hair:
I have my hair and makeup trial next Tuesday and I thought I was certain on what I wanted...until I saw this picture

Now I may have to try this!
Oh the troubles of being a bride to be
[22 days BTW]

Favorite Gift Idea:
SO much cuter then just a simple gift card

Favorite Want But Don't Need:

This is just so ME.
If you want to order it for me... here is the website ;)

Favorite Makeup:
I have been using this primer for two years now and I can safely say in comparison to others I have tried, it's the best of the best.

You can find it at Nordstrom and Macy's for $27. It may sound like a lot but you use a teeny, tiny amount before applying your foundation, so the bottle will take awhile to finish AND it keeps your makeup on ALL DAY LONG!

Favorite Recipe:
BLT Quinoa Salad.
Need I say more?

Favorite Some Ecard:
Makes me laugh every time I read it.



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