Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Festivities

Weekends always go too fast, and they seem to go even faster when a holiday falls on that weekend.


Up and at 'em early for a great workout!
After the gym I refueled with my new favorite protein shake, birthday cake. I spent a lot of Saturday running errands: dog groomer-health food store-ring shopping with Eddie-another food store and then we came home to prep our Easter brunch dishes.

But first, this happened:
Eddie bought me a coconut so naturally we stuck a straw in it.
That was THE BEST coconut water I have ever had, holy yum.

Then I had a genius idea:

Toasted coconut beer inside the coconut.
Reminded me of my drinking out of pumpkins days.

The beer lead to us creating some great dishes for brunch.
I made an asparagus and Gruyere tart

Eddie made a breakfast casserole with a bacon weave on top

We spent the rest of our Saturday night designing our wedding invites with Eddie's brother and I *think* we have our design! 



I woke up early to try a new class at the gym.
Ended up only staying for 30 minutes, it just wasn't for me....oh well you win some, you lose some.

I picked up this outfit from LOFT Friday night and thought it would be perfect for Easter brunch PLUS I needed baby pink jeans in my life...who doesn't?

Brunch was great, it's always nice to catch up with my cousins/aunts and uncles that I don't get to see as much as I would like to. 

After lunch it was meal prep time! I only made two salads for myself for today and tomorrow, Wednesday is another stuffed sweet potato because I'll be in AC the end of this week!

I am heading to the Revel hotel for the Bellator fights on Thursday with Eddie and my bosses, I am so excited :) I'll definitely share the experience with all of you this weekend.

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!


  1. ahhh it's all still going here.
    the child is off again today.
    come play with us!!

  2. Hi fun in AC! We are actually going this weekend with my brother, I love AC! Love your blog, Carlyn!

  3. Hi fun in AC! We are actually going this weekend with my brother, I love AC! Love your blog, Carlyn!

  4. Okay, so this is random...but I know you said you were looking for a Mason-jar mug, and so have I! I have a feeling you will love what I found on this etsy site...PINK!!