Monday, April 22, 2013

Bridal Shower Dresses and New Home?

I had such a busy, exciting weekend I just couldn't wait to share it with all of you!
 Saturday I got my sweat on nice and early but my HRM stopped working in the beginning of class so I didn't even bother to take a PWO [post workout] picture for instagram or the blog but I promise you, it happened!
After that it was bridal shower dress shopping with Mom. The shower is just 19 days from today and I couldn't be more excited about it. We popped into Lord & Taylor and both of us ended up finding tons of dresses to try on.
I ended up coming home with two because I was unable to decide in the store, then after having lots of family and bridesmaids opinions on them both I chose one, which is NOT the one pictured above :) I have to surprise you guys after the shower with my choice!
We popped into Costco on our way home and I felt like I hit the lotto with these two finds.
Saturday night was GIRLS NIGHT! We made homemade apple jax, which is one shot of fireball whiskey mixed with a bottle of hard cider, I used Woodchuck.
In a word... AMAZEBALLS.
After a few of those we got down to some serious Yoga business. We YouTubed some tutorials on some moves and tried them out. I wasn't the best at them but who cares, we were having fun!
Arms, abs and kickboxing started off my day and it was perfect.
I spent most of my post workout morning cleaning. I did laundry, washed my yoga mat and took my car for a MUCH NEEDED carwash.
Is there anything better then a clean car with a new scent to start off your work week?
I don't think so.
Pink lemonade G-Fuel in a mustache cup, the ONLY way to get ready for a workout!

My mom and I then spent the remainder of the afternoon driving around looking for rentals for Eddie and I to move into this coming June/July. And we MAY have found THE ONE. It was a total fluke. I was searching on Craigs List as we were driving around, found a potential rental for us and called the relator listed on the posting.
He was unable to show us the place because he was currently showing a different place. I asked him about the one he was at at the time and when he told me the details I said... What's the address., we'll be there in 5 minutes.
We went in, looked around, fell in love and left a check.
In 72 hours we'll know if we found our new home.
So many things happening in both May and June, I can hardly contain myself! Next weekend is the last weekend that I have no plans for at least 2-3 months, which is insane especially if we're going to be adding moving to the mix.
However, I'd rather be overly busy then overly boring!
I have a new vegetarian recipe coming at you sometime this week, stay tuned!


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