Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Food & Home

Good Morning!
 I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was busy but all filled with unplanned events, which makes for the best weekends in my opinion.

Friday night I attended a gym happy hour at my favorite place in town, Barrique, where I discovered they have $3 mixed drinks aka Absolut citron and soda for $3!

I was in bed by 9 pm because I was determined to have a kick-booty workout Saturday morning after having an entire week out of the gym.


Almost 2 straight hours of working out Saturday morning and 1280 calories burned.
It was JUST what I needed! 

After the gym I quickly showered and got ready because mom and I had a florist appointment, and I am very happy to report our wedding florist is now BOOKED! One more thing to cross off of the list which makes me a happy, happy bride to be.

We then went to Wild By Nature which is a natural food store very similar to Whole Foods, it was my first time so I basically dragged mom up and down every aisle so I could investigate. We didn't get too much but we did pick up lunch. Spicy tofu sandwich for her, vegan dill tofu salad on thin cakes for me.

It was the best lunch I've had [outside of my own creations] in awhile. PS those thin crackers??? NEW BEST FRIEND. 3 huge crackers are only 54 calories! They're gluten, sodium, cholesterol, fat and sugar free. Basically, they are the best things ever created and I am sorry I didn't discover them sooner.

I stopped by the local bar to meet up with some friends who were St.Patty's crawling but didn't participate in any shenanigans, instead I sipped on club sodas with lemon--PARTY ANIMAL!
Came home and created an epic butternut squash sauce recipe....I will post that tomorrow, you don't want to miss out on that one.


Woke up and hit the gym for my usual Sunday morning routine. Coffee with the girls, arms and abs followed by kickboxing.
However, it wasn't until we were already there having our coffee that we found out our regular teacher wasn't teaching so instead we all just took the arms and abs class then sat in the sauna for a bit before heading home. 
I came home, lit my first bloom candle [amazing by the way...GET IT] cranked up the Glee tunes [my go to for cleaning] and tore up the entire basement top to bottom. Who knew cleaning could burn over 650 calories? Maybe that will be the motivation I need to do it more often...

Probably not

I ended up taking an impromptu nap while watching GIRLS. Do any of you watch that show? I am a big fan, I love everything about it, Hanna is my favorite TV character at the moment.
Post nap I headed to Marshalls to exchange a pair of workout pants I bought in a size XS last week... high hopes or not paying attention? Either way my exchange purchase was even better:
Brand new hot lime Nike sports bra for $12.

Rounded out the night by making my lunches for this week: chicken cutlet bites and baked sweet potato fries. Painted my nails while watching Grandma's Boy, I forgot how great that movie is!

Essie's Wheres My Chauffeur?
This will be a great color for summer!

Now it's Monday and I woke up with a killer sore throat, which makes 0 sense considering I have spent the past 7 days on heavy antibiotics for my tooth infection. I think my body just hates me lately, but we need to be on the same page because ain't nobody got time to be sick!!

Regardless my booty is hitting the gym tonight for Elevated Training and then curling up in bed for the BIGGEST LOSER FINALE!!!


  1. hey.
    you were me this weekend.
    in bed by 9!



  2. Killer workout girl! I love Tj Maxx/Marshalls, I can always find some GREAT items.

  3. Love that color! I love Grandma's boy and couldn't help but laugh when you posted about it on FB....I actually ended up having dreams about Kelly Olexa and Lions...wierd...

  4. I cannot WAIT for the BL finale tonight!! Yes, GO DANI!!! I have loved this season!

  5. Busy busy you were this weekend!

    I will have to start keeping track of how many calories I burn when I clean. Great idea, thanks!

    That dill tofu salad looks good. yummmm

  6. I find the best workout clothes at Marshall's - gotta love that place! xo

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