Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fro-Yo Bites!

Well yesterday was not the day I had planned for myself. Right after I hit publish on my post I went to the dentist because I spent all weekend in severe pain. Turns out the root canal I had last Monday was not finished yet and got infected. I ended up spending all day in bed taking antibiotics and vicodin, skipped the gym for the second day in a row in hopes of feeling better today.
I woke up feeling somewhat better today, still not 100%. Infections take quite a toll on your body and pair that with the time change, and you get someone who is all thrown off.
However I am back to work today AND back in the gym tonight for Yoga!

Sunday while I was meal prepping I decided to attempt a new idea inspired by Lindsay of the Lean Green Bean blog and made frozen yogurt bites!

I picked up this ice tray earlier in the day on Sunday at the Target dollar spot [my fave] and this perfect snaque quinoa crunch on Saturday at TJ Maxx[ best place for food finds!]. I decided to pair the crunch with an apple cinnamon flavored Chobani yogurt and freeze them.  As a result I had the perfect mini fro-yo bite!
The fact that everything was apple flavored and shaped was honestly a total fluke, I'm not clever enough to think that much into my recipes but I love that it worked out that way!

 I already have plans to pick up a popsicle kit[ is that what they're called??] and make popsicles with the new Chobani Coco Almond Loco flips because I may have picked up one....or ten this weekend.
Can't wait to make them!

For now it's time for work, looking forward to getting back into the gym tonight.


  1. So yummy and cute! I am going to keep an eye out for that tray at Target! I hope you're feeling better!

  2. Hi Carlyn! Love your idea for the Fro Yo Bites w/Apple Quinoa SNAQUE! I am the founder of The Perfect SNAQUE & always looking for new ways to enjoy & share w/ our customers-your Bites are GREAT & can't wait to make them! We also make a Coconut Almond Crunch which might be in a different set of stores (perhaps Marshalls). Might work for the Fro Yo bites variation if you can't find Flips, which I haven't seen in store yet. Anyhow - thanks for finding SNAQUE & sharing a great recipe creation! Agree - TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods - always have great natural food finds. Best-Cricket

    1. Hi Cricket!! Oh man can I just tell you how much I LOVE your product?? And the fact that you have a coconut almond crunch somewhere out there makes me love you and your company even more but now I have to actually find them haha. My best friend who has celiac also purchased the apple cinnamon quinoa crunch with me on Saturday and is SO happy to find something healthy and delicious--can't wait to try more!

  3. I just made something like this this pas tweekend! So good!

  4. I love the fro yo bites idea! That would be a great, healthy, afternoon snack. Definitely will try!

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