Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fro-Yo Bites!

Well yesterday was not the day I had planned for myself. Right after I hit publish on my post I went to the dentist because I spent all weekend in severe pain. Turns out the root canal I had last Monday was not finished yet and got infected. I ended up spending all day in bed taking antibiotics and vicodin, skipped the gym for the second day in a row in hopes of feeling better today.
I woke up feeling somewhat better today, still not 100%. Infections take quite a toll on your body and pair that with the time change, and you get someone who is all thrown off.
However I am back to work today AND back in the gym tonight for Yoga!

Sunday while I was meal prepping I decided to attempt a new idea inspired by Lindsay of the Lean Green Bean blog and made frozen yogurt bites!

I picked up this ice tray earlier in the day on Sunday at the Target dollar spot [my fave] and this perfect snaque quinoa crunch on Saturday at TJ Maxx[ best place for food finds!]. I decided to pair the crunch with an apple cinnamon flavored Chobani yogurt and freeze them.  As a result I had the perfect mini fro-yo bite!
The fact that everything was apple flavored and shaped was honestly a total fluke, I'm not clever enough to think that much into my recipes but I love that it worked out that way!

 I already have plans to pick up a popsicle kit[ is that what they're called??] and make popsicles with the new Chobani Coco Almond Loco flips because I may have picked up one....or ten this weekend.
Can't wait to make them!

For now it's time for work, looking forward to getting back into the gym tonight.


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