Monday, March 4, 2013

A weekend full of pre-birthday fun

This weekend was jam packed with food, family and of course...sweat.


Woke up ready to crush my jump & drill workout in my new Lululemon inspired crops I picked up at TJ Maxx last week.
My workout Saturday morning was incredible. I felt strong the entire time and really pushed myself throughout. By the time I left I had burned 603 calories.

After the gym I had to quickly shower and get ready for a baby shower that my mom and I were attending.

 It was nice to catch up with family I haven't seen in awhile and see the mom-to-be open all of her gifts!

Saturday night Eddie took me out for an early birthday dinner to Seasons 52.
Can I just say I LOVE that restaurant!? Every dish is made of fresh, seasonal ingredients and all of them are under 475 calories.

For my entree I went with the vegetarian tasting platter which was a lot more food then I expected. On the dish: Cedar plank tofu with mango chutney, citrus quinoa, soft taco, butternut squash and a roasted pear.

Every bite was amazing, I recommend this dish to anyone!


Hit the gym for arms & abs + kickboxing, ya know, the usual.
I wore my new Nike running tank to the gym that Eddie bought me Saturday night as an early birthday present [yes, he IS the best] and I actually received a lot of compliments. 

After the gym it was time for birthday brunch at the Garden City Hotel.

 I can't even tell you the amount of food we consumed, but all of it was delicious.

 and they ended the meal with a BANG

All in all a perfect, pre-birthday weekend full of too much food and lots of fun.

Mondays always come too soon.


  1. It looked like GOOD food though! You had a great weekend and sounds like your batteries are all recharged for the week ahead.

  2. you had me at the picture of you and YER MAMA.


  3. I really would like to work up the nerve to wear colored denim. Seeing you in the red is inspiring.

  4. They have Lululemon at TJ Maxx?

  5. Look like you had a great time! And I am also shocked that they have Lululemon at TJ Maxx! Must. Go. Now.


  6. Seasons 52 is opening a location near me this summer, CAN NOT WAIT.

  7. What a weekend!!!
    Happy Birthday ;)


  8. Love your new shirt! And that vegetarian platter sounds.awesome.
    I have a question in your Polar. I have the ft4 from several years ago and like it so much that I wear it all the time as my watch when I am not using it as a HRM. The style you wear looks like the face is bigger than mine is, do you feel like it is too big to wear as a watch? I know I should just go find one to look at in person, but that is like 45 miles away :)

  9. Love sessons 52!! Such amazing food.

    those bright red pants are so cute!

  10. Love sessons 52!! Such amazing food.

    those bright red pants are so cute!

  11. Love sessons 52!! Such amazing food.

    those bright red pants are so cute!