Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where Have I Been!?

Well well well look who decided to stop by ye ole blog.
I have been MIA since last Thursday for no good reason other then life got a little crazy... I didn't even do my Friday Favorites! Blasphemy.

Anyway this past weekend I spent my time doing this:

16 inches of snow fell Friday into Saturday, putting a damper on any weekend fun for us, but I must admit shoveling was a lot more fun then I expected it to be.

Yesterday I started my new job and I LOVEEEEE it!

I am adjusting to my new schedule [having more time is throwing me off] and I will be back to posting daily, just bear with me a few more days!
I have been vlogging everyday on my YouTube channel, so head on over there to see what I have been up to + lots of cooking/recipe ideas!

Off to the gym now, I'll pop back in later....hopefully


  1. So glad you're loving your job and enjoying the snow!

  2. That's awesome that your enjoying your job! NO matter if you go MIA for a couple days, I'll still be reading your blog girl :)