Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweet Potato Hash + Biggest Loser Recap

I know I have been doing Biggest Loser recaps on Tuesdays but instead of dedicating an entire post to the episode I figure I'll just include a mini recap at the end.
Let me know which you prefer.

Last night I went to Elevated Training class at the gym, now that I am changing jobs/commute/hours working I am able to take this class again which is awesome.

The class itself is very stressful to get into because of all of the people + equipment needed, there is a line outside of the room that begins to form at least 15-20 minutes before we even can get in there.
Last night there was not enough steps for everyone who wanted to attend which I thought was crazy.

By the end of the class my legs were shaking and my arms were already starting to get sore. 580 calories burned just by lifting weights for an hour? AWESOMESAUCE. I did notice that my 8 lb dumb bells are not challenging enough for me and some of the moves so it may be time to purchase a set of 10lbs for the future.

After a quick shower I made a delicious dinner for my parents and I. Broccoli, water chestnuts and Trader Joe's cilantro chicken wontons. Throw them all in a pan and cook with a little soy sauce for a easy weeknight stir fry!

Biggest Loser
I'm not sure why but I had trouble focusing on last nights episode. I was kind of bored with most of it. My girl Danni continues to kick ass and every week she reminds me more of myself the way she is tackling her own journey. I sincerely hope that she can continue on the show to the very end because she is inspiring so many others.  One of the many times I cried during the episode was when Lindsay was talking about bullying to her classmates. There is something so sad yet inspiring about a child talking to others about being bullied, I hope that her words hit home with those she was speaking to not only in person but on the other side of the TV.

I said this last week but I am so sick of the whining on this show. I am having a hard time rooting for anyone outside of Bingo, Danni, Francelina and Jackson. The entire blue team annoys me except for David, they are just unmotivated and lazy, I can't take it anymore. I mean you have Bob Harper as a trainer, that should be motivation enough!!
And one final note on last nights episode.... What the heck was with Allison's hair? That random pink chunk looked awful.

Tuesday Breakfast

This morning I took advantage of being home one more day and made an epically delicious breakfast.
Sweet potato hash [grated with a cheese grater then cooked in coconut oil until crispy] with red onion topped with 2 over easy eggs, a little bit of cheese, avocado and scallions.

Perfect balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats!

Now I am posted up on the couch waiting for Dolvett to come on the Rachel Ray show. As of now I don't have any plans to workout today because I am not feeling well, hoping that passes sooner rather then later.


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