Monday, February 18, 2013

Sad It's Over

I hate when the weekends are over, especially when they are great ones, like this past weekend was.

I came home from work on Friday to this:

2 dozen long stemmed pink roses and a customized Tervis tumbler from Eddie for Valentine's Day.
He's the best!
We both were very undecided about dinner, neither one of us felt like going to a restaurant but we didn't want to cook either, which made things pretty difficult.
We ended up wandering around the food store and decided on salsa, guacamole and chips with skinny girl margaritas on the side.

Perfect end to a great first week at work.


Hit the gym for my 2 hour workout.
Ended up making it through 90 minutes. My body was still sore and tired from all of the workouts during the week, especially my two-a-day on Thursday + I landed the wrong way during a jump knee kick in jump & drill so my knee was pissed.

I left the gym feeling pretty defeated but reminded myself that not every workout can be the best, and I still got a great burn/sweat session in while most other people were sleeping/hungover/working.

The rest of the day was a lazy day for us. Mom, Eddie and I watched Silver Linings Playbook on bootleg [we're hardcore] and all of us loved it, I definitely recommend checking it out.
Then it was date night for Mr.Ed and I.

 We went to my favorite burger place[now Eddie's as well] and then for dessert we shopped at Target!
Yep, I said it, Target.
2 years in a row I failed at lent, ohhh well.
This was the main reason I wanted to go to Target, in addition to the fact that I love that place and I was so happy to pick up the last one!

We were going to go play pool after we shopped but we came home and watched 21 Jump Street instead. I'm not sure how we went all this time without seeing that movie, it is so funny. I was crying from laughing so hard, it's been awhile since any movie has been able to do that!


 MUCH better workout! I felt strong the entire time and left feeling happy.
After the gym Eddie and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to finish up our registry there then food shop. We decided to make an Indian dish for dinner, Tandoori chicken, which I had never heard of but Eddie suggested it so I said why not?

 This is the recipe he followed and it came out great.
I was in charge of the veggies, mostly to make sure we had them ;) so I went with mushrooms and spinach and added some of the masala sauce that was used in the chicken to tie the flavors together.

It was a hit. We both were satisfied and overly stuffed by the end of our meal.
But not too stuffed for FRO-YO!
    I got a little too excited and went HAM on the toppings.
But I assure you none of it went to waste.
We ate our fro-yo while watching The Office bloopers on YouTube, again I highly recommend it if you're looking to laugh until you cry.

So now can you see why I am sad this weekend is over?    


  1. Love Skinny girl- thats my go to summer drink but I am determined to create my own recipe this summer!

  2. You guys are so stinking cute! I love it! I chuckled when i saw you went over to Target...but then I realized I needed to go to get that book too :)

  3. Those roses are gorgeous!


  4. What sweet Valentine's Day gifts! I love the personalized tumblr.

  5. LAUGHED OUT LOUD and now waaant the bootleg.
    Ive gots no sitters yet in my new hood.

  6. I LOVED Silver Linings, it was so freaking good. The husband did not want to see it and I made him, and he actually loved it too. I love guacamole too it's so good on everything :)