Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Favorites- Week of 2/10

I love today.
It's Friday.
The end of my first week of my new life.
I get to spend the next 3 days with Eddie.
I am happy.

Favorite Meal: BBQ Chicken, Apple, Bacon and Cheddar Quesadillas. I want these...NOW.

Favorite Jam: This Bruno Mars cover mash up by The Vamps. I discovered this band yesterday from my new favorite beauty guru on YouTube, Zoella. I think you will love them too!

Favorite Outfit Idea: I love wearing black, white and hot pink together. This outfit is one I have in my closet, just the stripes on my skirt are horizontal!

Favorite Cocktail: I woke up this morning and Instagram was filled with Mexican meals from Valentine's Dinner dates. I instantly started craving a margarita.

Are you craving one now too?

Favorite Quote: ANYTHING Jillian Michaels, says-does-posts-wears, I love.
If you ever need extra motivation to workout, just google Jillian Michaels quotes.

Favorite Mani: These nails remind me of Funfetti cake. Yum

Favorite Dip: There seems to be a lot of chicken & bacon on this post... Sorry not sorry.

Chicken, bacon artichoke dip

Favorite Makeup: I am 100% obsessed with the new Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder. I went to 3 different stores on Sunday to find it and I am so happy I was able to get my paws on it. I am using the shade FAIR right now but will switch to medium when summer rolls around.

Favorite Shoes: I LOVE these boat shoes from Old Navy! I picked up the beige last weekend [same day as the powder, yes I am broke] but I have a feeling the pink and a few printed pairs will be added to my wardrobe.The best part? They're only $22!

Favorite Some Ecard:

Happy Friday!


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