Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites: Week of 1/28

For those of you living in the Tri-State area this weekend on Long Island is the 1st ever YOGA BOWL!!

If you're thinking to yourself what the heck is a yogabowl?? Or Has this girl lost her mind??
The answers are:
1- LuLuLemon is having its first ever warehouse sale here in the states
2- YES

So starting today Nassau Coliseum is going to be filled with lulu fanatics, DJs and tons of the best workout clothes. I am going tomorrow with some of my girlfriends and am planning on doing some serious damage. I know people are coming from allover to attend this event so if you are please let me know! I want to meet you!

As if the YOGABOWL wasn't exciting enough it's time for FRIDAY FAVORITES!
This post is already filled with too many words in caps, I caps lock when I'm excited..sorry

Favorite Party Recipe: Superbowl Sunday is just 2 days away! I think these buffalo chicken pizza sticks would be a perfect party dish.

You may have noticed a reoccurring theme..I love all things buffalo chicken.

Favorite Mani: Valentine's Day is slowly creeping up. This manicure is the perfect way to celebrate whether you are single or taken :)

Favorite Jam: I am cheating this week because I have TWO favorites to share.
This acoustic cover is one of my favorite songs for relaxing, getting ready or doing work.

Sweet Child of Mine by Taken By Trees
This was at the end of the movie Life as We Know It :)

And second we have my man Bruno Mars. I bought his new CD last weekend and have been listening to it non-stop. My favorites are Gorilla, Locked Out of Heaven, and When I Was Your Man.
But the song I have been listening to the most is Young Girls

Favorite Must Have Fitgear: The limited edition Valentine's Day sparklysoul headband

Pink+glitter= Me.

Favorite Adult Beverage: Bacon Bloody Marys.

I'll take three please.

Favorite Quote: I cannot express how much I love this.

Change is good.
Remember that.

Favorite Must Have: THIS.

If that doesn't keep you running I don't know what will.
Well maybe Ryan Gosling at the finish line....or the fact that you're being chased by one hundred wildebeests.
Pick your poison. I'll stick with Channing waiting for me

Favorite Sweat: The Tone It Up girls got me again. I did the "love your arms" routine yesterday with my 8 lb weights and I am definitely feeling it this morning.

I love that their routines are challenging but quick and you can do almost all of them in the comfort of your own home.

Favorite Furry Friend: As an animal lover I have been wanting to add this category for awhile. It's a known fact that cute animals can turn a bad day into a good one, or a good day into an even better one!

Oh my goodness- I WANT ONE!

Favorite Dinner: I swear I can't get through one week without posting a recipe from Iowa Girl Eats but I am just in love with everything she posts! She dubbed this week chicken week on her blog and it was like she knew that was my favorite food. Day after day she has posted outrageous recipes but Wednesdays topped them all.

Avocado mozzarella bruschetta chicken
Be still my heart.

Favorite Accessory: Are you really surprised?
Rose gold mustache earrings.
Yes please.

Favorite Some Ecard: RIP Football season.

Go Ravens!


  1. I always look forward to your Friday Favorites -- bacon. bloddy. marys -- hello heaven :) That puppy is SUPER cute & I wish I could go to yoga bowl! Have fun!!

  2. Yoga bowl?! That's one sporting event I could get into!!! I thought football season was already over, shows how much I care ;) LOL! Have a great weekend!


  3. Love that quote! Yoga bowl, what a great event!

  4. Aw, man! Wish I had known about Yoga Bowl! I cancelled my weekend trip to NYC since I'm recovering from the flu :( bummer. And I think you're favorite things are now my favorite things!! Great post, awesome quote!

  5. I loved your post until the end. Ray Lewis can go to hell :)

  6. Cute Valentine's Day nails! :)

  7. I'd love to see the mayhem at lululemon's Yoga Bowl! Such a great opp you have :)