Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weigh In:Biggest Loser Week 4

You guysssssssss I totally failed you yesterday and didn't post anything here. I figured between MLK and Inauguration Day no one was going to come over to this neck of the Internet to see what kind of shenanigans I had gotten myself into over the weekend. If you really want to know I can recap it tomorrow, today is all about week 4 of the Biggest Loser.


Did anyone else find themselves on a rollercoaster of emotions this week?
All I did was cry!!

This week the trainers left the ranch to spend time with the teens in their homes.


A few of my favorite moments from the trainers and teens were:
-Bob and Bingo playing baseball. Bingo is going to be one hell of a pitcher someday! I loved seeing him light up on the diamond, seriously brought me to tears.

-Dolvett and Lindsay cheerleading. This made me cry yet again. I just love how motivating and inspiring Dolvett is to not only his team but to Lindsay. Cheerleading is the sport she loves and wants to get back on the team and he put it right there in front of her to remind her that she WILL get there.

- The families are ALL making changes for a healthier lifestyle. This is so important for not only these kids on the show but all children. 
 Lead by example. 

Back on the ranch.

The challenge this week was running a 5k.
This pushed every single competitor [except for Danni, IMO] outside of their comfort zone and everyone seemed to accept the challenge and tackle it head on.

My girl Danni rocked that 5k and came in 1st! I cried along with her as she crossed that finish line. Then I cried again when she ran along side Pam as she crossed the finish line taking third.
I told you I cried a lot during this episode!

For the last chance workout, and only workout the teams had with the trainers all week, the white and blue team got their sweat on together.

Jillian seemed to redirect her frustrations with Pam to Jeff this week and it was quite the battle.
Again, I agree with Jillian...Jeff IS lazy and doesn't put the max effort into his workouts.
However, he said he doesn't like Jillians negative approach and it causes him to not want to do the work.

Eventually JM became so fed up with Jeff she threw him out of the gym and back to Bob. She said she didn't care anymore about his laziness and Bob called her on it, which I loved, because we all know when someone says they don't care about something it means they care 10x the amount that they show.

 On the flip side Jackson from the red team owned this week.
He was the hardest worker and biggest motivator to his entire team, which honestly shocked me.
I pinned him as lazy and full of excuses but it really was medical issues holding him back.
This week he proved himself both inside and outside of the gym and I am now on team Jackson!

Overall I think week 4 has been my favorite to date. If you haven't read my other recaps for the season I'll link them below so you can catch up:

Your turn:
Did you cry during last nights episode?
What was your favorite moment[s]?
How do you feel about who went home?


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