Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weigh In:Biggest Loser Week 3

Last night was week 3 in the Biggest Loser camp and sadly we said goodbye to one of my favorites.
I won't say it in this post because I am sure a lot of you are waiting to watch it when you can.

Week 3 Recap:

I was not envious of the BL workout challenge last night. 
Running through bubble gum to grab a 10 lb medicine ball then run back through the gum?
{This was the best photo I could find }
No thanks.
The entire time I was worrying about what would happen to their hair.
Girly girl moment.

The blue team was locked in a junk room for 4 1/2 hours every day for the entire week. They were surrounded by video games, comfy couches and every piece of junk food imaginable.
The contestants laid around for that entire time.
All I could think to myself was, even though you're not able to workout with Bob in the gym it doesn't mean you can't workout.

They could have made up their own workouts or did SOMETHING other then lay around for 4+ hours a day for an entire week. Don't they realize this is what got them on the BL in the first place?

 Bob's last chance workout was my favorite.
All you need is a deck of cards, 4 moves and your body.

I plan on doing my own version of this workout either tonight or Friday, I'll be sure to share it when I do!

I have mentioned my BL favorites for this season, Bingo- Kate- Dolvett but I haven't mentioned my least favorite...

She annoys me every episode.
She's lazy and cries over absolutely nothing, resulting in Jillian tearing into her week after week.
Last night was no exception.
I'm just ready for her to go...anyone else?

Another thing that bothers me about BL?
The fact that the contestants get upset with losing only 2 or 3 pounds in a week.
The show focuses so much on losing too much too soon which is one of the reasons I stopped watching for awhile.

Losing 2 lbs in a week is HEALTHY and NORMAL.
It kills me that they get so upset at "low numbers" and feel like they have to explain themselves when it comes up on the screen.

So far I am loving season 14 of BL and can't wait for next week!

Your turn:
Who is your favorite?
Who is your least favorite?


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