Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weigh In: Biggest Loser Week 5

Week 5 on the Biggest Loser ranch seemed to be the most negative episode to date.
The biggest source of negativity? 
Bob Harper and the blue team.

All they said throughout the entire episode was how they were set up for failure in the weigh in.
Bob told that them as well which seemed so "un-Bob" like to me. I was really frustrated with all their attitudes and disappointing in the constant whining from the contestants.

 This was probably one of my favorite moments of the episode. 
Bob was screaming at his team to squat when they were all on the brink of giving up.
Gotta love internet memes.

This week the contestants were challenged to eat healthy on a budget. 
$10 a day to be exact.
Every single contestant looked as if the rug had been pulled out from underneath them when they heard that. I was so happy to see the show prove that eating healthy ISN'T expensive.
To quote my beloved Dani " Processed foods are cheaper, but you have to look at what you're putting in your body.It outweighs the costs." She ended up spending only $61 of the $70 and was shocked at how much she was able to get.

They also received a cooking lesson from Devin, the author of the Biggest Loser cookbooks and I loved what she said to all of them:
"20 minutes in the kitchen can save you 3 hours in the gym."
Not only do I love this, but it is SO true!
Then she took it one step further and showed them how to make a loaded sweet potato for a lunch.

The workout challenge for this week was called "Coins in the fountain" and was all about swimming.
The contestants had to swim with 5 lb "coins" and place them in the bank. The winning team was awarded 10 one year memberships to Planet Fitness [show sponsor] and the choice of a phone call home or 2 lb advantage.

I was SO happy Dani kicked major booty and won! That girl is just unstoppable. She's the last woman standing on the white team since Pam was voted off last week so I am pulling for her to keep going and make it until the very end.

The saddest moment of the week goes to David and exposing his demons. He finally broke down and told Bob why he gained the weight in the first place. Not only is he a father of 7 but his oldest daughter has Ret's disease. He puts all of the pressure to care for his family especially his daughter that it turned into extreme weight gain.

Lets just say the tears were flowing during this part of the episode.

 Andddddd we said goodbye to one more contestant[obviously] I wasn't too upset with who went home. Not because they deserved it but I felt they were strong enough to do this on their own.
Which was proved when they showed the update!

Your turn:
What did you think of last nights episode?
Happy with who went home?


  1. I didn't find this challenge realistic at all. With their $10 per person per day limit ... they are suggesting that my family should spend $1200 a month on food. That's INSANE.

    $700 a month on food is the max we spend and the majority is on healthy food. I make a lot of our own food.

    But I'm going to take another look at our spending and the food we choose and see if my thoughts are on the mark ... maybe we are spending somewhere that I'm not considering. :)

  2. i loved this episode. dani actually reminds me some of tara from a few seasons back.

    i liked the shopping challenge, but i thought 15 minutes was wayyy to little. i think 20-30 would have been more reasonable - although it seems they all did a great job.

    i would say with me and hubby that is $20 per day x 30 days is $600. we definitely spend (and probably more) that between grocery and eating out.

    i would love to see a list of the items they bought for ideas.

  3. I think it was a good episode. Not sure what the deal was with Bob going on and on about the blue team being set up to fail though. So so happy with Alex's progression this week too. Love her and Dani a lot, both are kick ass chicks.

  4. I also loved the quote you posted from Devin because this show tends to emphasize the exercising so much that it can make it seem like diet is not as big of a deal. I thought this was a very interesting episode, and I picked up some good tips. I was talking to a coworker during my shift at DISH who was sad to see Lisa go, but I felt exactly like you did. I missed the first part of the show because I was watching Bones, but fortunately I was able to catch up with a recording. I love how my DISH Hopper can record up to six programs at once during primetime, so I never have to choose between my favorite shows!

    Im addicted this year :-)

  6. Yes, I agree. Working out is important but what you're eating is too.

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