Monday, January 7, 2013

Weigh In: Biggest Loser Premiere

Last night was the start of Biggest Loser 14. 
We welcomed back Jillian, met Dolvett and wanted to squeeze Bob for being so damn cute.

The first thing I want to say is I have always been back and forth with how I felt about the Biggest Loser. I don't think they always have the healthiest methods for weight loss especially in extreme cases like those on the show. The lifestyle change is a harsh but necessary one for them to live, but throwing someone who can barely walk without losing their breath into a 3 hour intense workout is just insane.

But the contestants are there for a reason.
They gave up on themselves.

The episode opened with a shot of a room full of extremely obese people, waiting to see if they had been chosen for this season while the voice over said "THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE APPLIED."
At this point Eddie and I looked at each other and said how sad/disgusting that is.
I am well aware of the numbers and how obese our country is but hearing that just bothered me.

One thing I love about this season is that they are tacking childhood obesity, which is an ever growing epidemic in this country. The three teens they picked are nothing short of inspiring, my favorite is Noah aka Bingo. He has the heart and the drive to lose the weight, and the fact that he is the most adorable thing EVER doesn't hurt.

Speaking of  adorable can we discuss Dolvett? 
If I had my choice I would workout with JM just because I like her in your face approach but if she wasn't an option gimme the hottie...that would be motivation enough to show up to the gym.
No offense Bob, I love you, but Big D is just my new crush.

The show, as always brought me through a roller coaster of emotions, especially with the elimination.
I won't say who was sent home for those of you who haven't watched yet but I have mixed feelings.
The persons story had me in tears in the beginning--pissed off during the workout---and in tears at the elimination.

Your turn to WEIGH IN: 
Did you watch the Biggest Loser?
Who's team would you want to be on?
Should I write about this season weekly?

If I do BL recaps they will go up on Tuesdays.
 I think I'll watch the show while I am on the treadmill Mondays for some added motivation AND we can discuss who was voted off.



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