Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Short on time, Not on sweat

Last night I got home and decided to do my own spin on Bob's deck of cards workout.

This is how it went
Hearts = Weighted Squats
Diamonds = Weighted Lunges
Clubs = Push Ups [on feet not knees]
Spades = Bicep Curls

It took me 20 minutes to work through the deck of cards and I burned 206 calories.

I have been having a lot of issues with my Polar FT4 lately and it's beyond frustrating.
I had purchased a new one this summer but unfortunately lost it during one of my train commutes and haven't been able to replace it. For now I am stuck with this old gal who drops my HR to 00 every few minutes so it isn't showing me my full calorie burn.
::super sad face::

However, I will be incorporating the "deck of death" into my workouts more often and I'll use different moves, depending on where the workout takes place.

I can't do burpees in my basement, my head will go through the ceiling

One thing I will be adding when I try this at the gym or outside when the weather is warmer?
Box Jumps.

Last nights at home workout proved to me that not every sweat session needs to be long in order to burn a significant amount of calories.
It's all about the push and drive you have during that workout.

Motivation is half the battle

I ended the workout with a great stretch session with Fitness Glo, which has become my go to for stretching/strength workouts at home.


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