Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How I Spent The First Day Of 2013

Hump Day already?
I am loving these 4 day weekends with Monday and Tuesday off..they should happen all the time.
For those of you who spent your mini vacation away from the computer, Welcome Back!
Here is what you may have missed the past few days:

Phew there was a lot of posts the past few days!
Let's recap the first day of 2013.

OOTW:Green long sleeve shirt-Target,Multicolored tank-Lulu Lemon, Capris- Nux from PV.Body, Sneakers-Nike Frees

Thanks to a low key NYE I was up and ready to sweat yesterday so I went to the gym for bootcamp.
I've talked about this class before but the teacher rarely does the same things in the class every week.
I was already sore from Power X the day before, so my body especially my quads were less then excited for what was ahead.

The class was 75 minutes and during that time we did endless amounts of push ups, burpees, weighted walking lunges-squats-jumpsquats, in addition to 30 minutes on the step with 4 risers.

Thankfully I made a list of fitness goals for 2013 before heading to the gym, and one of them was to foam roll after every workout.

As soon as I got home I busted out old bluey and got to rollin.
I even caught Chance getting in on the action.

I must say it helped my muscles A LOT and I am not as sore as I should be today.
I am still struggling to sit/walk up the stairs, but I am not as stiff as I expected myself to be.

The rest of the day looked like this:

Eddie and I started Homeland season 1 yesterday and made it through 7 episodes.
The only time we took a break from our marathon was for some fuel:

For once I didn't get my usual chopped chicken cobb salad, I was craving comfort food so I went with it.
1/2 big kid grilled cheese + cup of french onion soup.

Now it's back to the commute-work-workout grind... at least the week is halfway over before it even began!
I am really looking forward to Yoga tonight I think it will be just what my muscles need.

Question of the day:
How did you spend the first day of 2013?


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