Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How I Said Goodbye To 2012

2013 has officially arrived!
I hope all of your New Years Eves were better than expected and you rung the new year in with those you love.

New Years Eve
After posting my year in review/body transformation post I was off to my workout.
Instead of taking a class in the warm gym, I was on the tennis courts in 30 degree weather taking Power X.

It was the perfect way to close out 2012 which was my best fitness year to date, only to be surpassed by 2013 ;)

I was excited to work with both the battle ropes and the TRX rip trainer because I haven't used either of them since August.  The class focused mostly on legs because we did upper body last week...holding two 12lb ViPRs and doing lunges both forward and backwards?
Not my idea of a good time.
But it is my idea of a killer workout, my legs were sore before I made it home.

After the gym I showered and got right back into my PJ's where I stayed until it was time to get ready for my date with Eddie at our favorite restaurant, Nonina's.

Glitter glitter glitter everywhere!

We started our meal off like we always do, with fresh mozzarella and prosciutto.
{I seem to be having this a lot lately}

It was amazing.

The mozzarella is soft, fresh and just a little salty. We both agreed we could have had much more then what they gave us, but held off on ordering another round because we didn't want to spoil our main courses!

 Sorry for the dark photos, I used my phone sans flash.

I ordered the pumpkin carzetti. 
Pumpkin pasta topped with broccoli rabe, sausage and ricotta cheese.

Eddie ordered the same dish he orders every time we go to this restaurant.
Loaded chicken breast.
Crispy chicken cutlet topped with a layer of prosciutto, ricotta, spinach and topped off with fontina cheese and Italian gravy.

As always, it was ridiculously delicious.
We have plans to recreate this at home very soon so we can share it with all of you.

We were so full we skipped dessert and decided to head home to get into our pj's.
I couldn't have asked for a better way to ring in our wedding year then sitting on the couch in pj's drinking out of the champagne glasses my best friend gave us for our engagement.

Cheers to 2013!!

I am off to start the year on the right foot...in booty kicking bootcamp.

My only plans for today is making a memory jar with Eddie while snacking on some munchies we picked up last night and watching movies.

I have never made a memory jar before but I came across the idea on Pinterest and being that this year has so many great events planned already I want to start the tradition of capturing all of our memories in a jar to read on NYE of that year.

Question of the day:
How did you spend your last day of 2012?


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