Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites- 1st of 2013!

New Year, New You
That's how a lot of us feel after every ball drop...err, you know what I mean.
Who doesn't love a fresh start...a clean slate?
Like many others I started my weight loss journey on January 1st, however 3 years later I am STILL on it. This year I will hit my goal, in the meantime I am enjoying the journey and everything I have learned will be coming along with me for the ride.
It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

Favorite Accessory: It appears Santa sister reads this lil blog of mine because I received the Kate Spade bow earrings I wanted on Christmas morning! I often find myself heading over to looking for bridesmaids gifts, I have 10 girls to buy for but I think her jewlery would be a nice little something for all of my girls.

This songbird necklace however is something I want for myself. It kind of looks like a seagull to me which is A-OK by me seeing as I live right near the beach and they are my moms favorite animals.
Yes the animal that everyone despises  just so happens to be my mothers favorite.

Favorite Funny: This one had me cracking up when I came across it last week

I think we have all felt this way one time or another.

Favorite Show: Homeland

Everyone in my life is obsessed with this show, for awhile I couldn't be around my family without them talking about it. Eddie and I finally caved on new years day and started season 1.
I finished both season 1 & 2 in 3 days....
It's THAT good.

Favorite Bedroom Style:
 We both know we want grey in our room but this combo of pink and grey makes it seem less manly, more neutral.
I love the ruffle bedspread but would skip the chandelier.

Favorite DIY: Wine rack towel holder

How great of an idea is this?? It kind of gives your bathroom a spa feel and keeps guests from looking through your cabinets for a towel.

Favorite Sweat: Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up have launched a LOVE YOUR BODY Challenge from 1.1.13-2.14.13. Everyday they are emailing new workouts for us to do--it's 100% FREE!  

Not only is this pink and adorable to look makes you SWEAT! 
You'll want to save this one for a day when you aren't sure what to do on the old dreadmill.

Favorite Money Saving Idea: I saw this on Facebook yesterday and wanted to share it with all of you:
[Click to enlarge]
This is a money saving idea ALL of us can do. After 52 weeks you will have $1,378 saved or if you're doing it with a partner/spouse like I am $2,756. I think it's the perfect way to save for a vacation or "fun money". 

Favorite Food Storage Idea: Did you know....

That storing onions in pantyhose will keep them fresh for 8 months??

Favorite "Cheat" Recipe: GIMME SMORE!

Sandwich mini marshmallows and small pieces of choclate in between two pretzels. Bake then cover in melted chocolate.
HOLY YUM!!!!!!

Favorite Mani: Black with a nude bling nail

I would just switch the design with some black glitter to make this look easily achievable.

Favorite Dip: Award season is upon us, which means Mom and I will be spending several Sunday nights watching the Red Carpet while eating appetizers.

Instead of spinach and artichoke dip I will be making this creamy brussels sprout dip
I actually want to make this tonight but have no reason to... sigh.

Favorite Outfit: What's black, white and red all over?

This adorable outfit!
Perfect for Valentines day or Sunday brunch. All I need is a red cardigan and I can recreate this look. Yippeeeee

Favorite Some Ecard: Ohhh resoultioners

All of us "gym rats/regulars" can spot a resolutioner when we see one. Last night kickboxing was FULL of them, and they all seemed to be in the front of the much longer until people start bailing on their "get fit in 2013" routines?

Happy Friday Sweaties!!


  1. I've never seen that wine rack idea! And love that savings plan!

  2. I love that songbird necklace. Hmmm, might have to be a belated Christmas present to myself! Everyone keeps talking about Homeland too. I wish I had cable!

    1. Kate Spade always has the nicest accessories and they're reasonably priced. I think you should download it on itunes/amazon because you will LOVE it

  3. Gah, everyone including my boss is talking about Homeland, gotta move on to episode 2 and finish the whole series haha. Love that valentine's day outfit. Super classy and chic!

  4. You always pick the best stuff! :) Happy New Year! I decided to play along with Friday Favorites and gave you a little link love. Such a great concept!

    1. Thank you! I spend all week picking these :) and i am heading over to your page now to see your faves--thanks for the love xoxo

  5. I LOVE this stuff! I always look forward to your Friday Favs! Happy Friday :)

  6. Lots of awesome ideas in this post! That's a great savings plan, I'm going to have to try that one. I'm also long overdue for a manicure, love the one you posted!

    1. woohoo so happy you like them! Have a great weekend Adrienne

  7. I want to do the savings plan too! And I just fell over and died looking at those nails. :)

  8. Wow that chocolate pretzel!! Recipe please! It looks soooo good haha

  9. I started the 52 week money challenge with my first transfer today! It's an awesome idea.

  10. Amy (Groovy Amy @bellbottomz)January 5, 2013 at 7:02 AM

    Some of these are fabulous! Wanting to start that money challenge immdiately. ;)