Wednesday, January 23, 2013

12 Degrees Won't Stop Me From Sweating!

Brrrrrrrr it is freezing here in NY today.
Currently temperatures are holding steady at 17 degrees with a whipping wind it feels like -50.
Okay I am exaggerating but you can tell I did not get a degree in meteorology.

This morning I did something I haven't done in awhile... woke up for 5 am boot camp.
Yes my crazy booty decided to wake up at 4 am on the coldest day of the year to get to the gym.

 See those numbers?
12 DEGREES AT 4:30 AM!!

Boot camp isn't held outdoors so I can't really use the weather as an excuse not to go[I've tried, it doesn't work] but there is something about the freezing bitter cold that makes me not want to get up in the middle of the night to sweat.
Anybody else?

Regardless of the temps I got myself there, and it was probably the hardest class to date.
Even though I am pretty sure I say that every time I take it...

Weapons of choice for this mornings workout:
-Step with 4 risers on each side
-8 lb weights
-Jump Rope
-My Body

Let me tell you something the teacher of this class knows how to push you wayyyyyyyyyyyyy past your comfort zone. I love and hate that about "brutal camp."

This morning I seemed to be one of her favorite people to push.
Lucky me.
We all know how I love Jillian Michaels and her methods of training, but lets just say I may have eaten those words a bit while I was panting + sweating at 5:45 this morning.

I felt great once it was all over, except for my right knee. Two classes on step this week has really pissed it off so I will be spending some time with my FrozenPeaz tonight.
More on that tomorrow...

I even remembered to VLOG!

I ordered a new chest strap for my Polar FT4 HRM because it has been acting up during my workouts. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to fix this contraption outside of replacing it [Those things are pricey!] so after researching the next steps I bought this on amazon.

I really really really really hope this solves my problem, I want to share my calorie burns with all of you!
If you have any other suggestions for me to try please let me know!

Right before leaving the house this morning my mom gave me these:

Mustache drink stickers!

Lets just say there was a decent amount of squealing and happy-dancing.

For those wondering, she got them at the dollar spot of Target. Rumor has it there is a mustache sweatshirt there as well... I will be checking into this asap.

Okay enough of my Wednesday ramblings, tell me What is YOUR workout today?


  1. I already commented on you tube but I saw these hair ties with the mustache so I had to leave the link for you.

    I don't get the mustache thing but the stuff is cute. Enjoy!


  2. They are pricey but they don't stretch out. I was looking for something to hold my hair up. It's never been this long. Look at the bottom there is a link for bloggers...reach out to them.

  3. I just found your blog yesterday and have to say I love it!
    My workout today was Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. LOVE her.
    I hear ya on not wanting to work out when it is cold, yuck. Then I think of what I will look like this summer in a swimming suit and get my ass working out :)

    1. Oh you're so sweet Jessica :) You can see above that I love me some Jillian!

  4. Wow good job girl! I have to admit when I saw that pic on IG this morning I was like "CRAZY WOMAN" ;) but I also took note of your cute phone case and top! I love the PINK I always see around you! So girly and fun.

    1. I am addicted to pink in the worst way! Crazy insane and insane crazy :]

  5. I am so excited - We moved on base and I am like 2 minutes from the gym!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. psh you go girl!!!!! I think I would have chose some extra blanket time in those temps.

  7. I love your weather desciption - -50 haha feels like that here in Jersey too!!