Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mustache Mug + New Jacket

Every morning I look forward to my cup [or three] of coffee, but today I was more excited then usual for two reasons:

 A new mug AND new coffee!!
I have a slight mug addiction and love buying new ones for my collection.

I saw this flavored coffee via Instagram yesterday and had to have it before it disappeared for the season.
Gingerbread + Toffee=  my dream

I added some warm vanilla almond milk and stevita toffee to make it an official latte.

Lets just say it was heavenly.

After coffee it was sweat time!

I laced up my asics and zipped up my new Adidas jacket courtesy of Becky then hit the gym.
100 push ups
10 minutes jumping rope
ab work
Endless amounts of kicking and punching

Now I am off to do round 2 of bridesmaid dress shopping with my best friends from high school and our moms follow by lunch.
Tonight I am heading to an open bar party to celebrate NYE a few days early.

I'll recap both tomorrow.
Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


  1. That mug is so cute! Sounds like you have a had a great morning so far :)

  2. Coffee and almond milk are my favorite! Sounds amazing!

  3. Ha! I love that mug!!! I have a major mug obsession, can't walk out of Target without one.


  4. Cute mug! I think I'm going to buy a Keurig so I can make more coffee at home. I'll need some new mugs! Nice job on getting your sweat on today!

  5. love the jacket! my gram is a mug collector and has sooo many. i love to look at them all hanging on special hooks in her kitchen! its really neat! happy weekend!! spa <3

  6. Too fun! I love a good mug - I'd rather fill mine with dark hot chocolate instead! :)

  7. What a fun weekend you have planned! Can't wait to hear the recap =)