Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Oooohhhh sometimes I make crazy decisions, yea
::sung to the tune of Good Feelin by Flo Rida or if you're Eddie, Avicii-Signs::

On Monday I made a crazy decision.

I am running my first half marathon in May 2013.
The longest distance I have run to date?
4 miles.
I need to be able to run more than 3 times that amount by the end of April.

This blog has been the ultimate form of motivation for me:

-I went from never running more then a mile at the start of this year, to running 3 5ks and a 5k trail/mud run before September.
-I went back to school and I am now working with clients as a Holistic Health Coach.
-I have had the opportunity to meet so many inspirational people from blogger friends, to entrepreneurs and celebrities.
-I've established relationships with some amazing companies that I could not be more grateful for.
 I've raised money for charity.

I could go on and on, but for the sake of this post and your sanity I'll stop.

The point is I see my boundaries and I am constantly pushing myself outside of them.

13.1 is going to happen in a little over 6 months.

My mantra and current phone background...thanks LuLuLemon

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Alexis who works for Nike here in NYC for a little gait analysis, talk about perfect timing right?

We met in the Flatiron store {the same store we took to the bus to MetLife from} and got right down to business with the help of my man Rory.

To start Rory put me in their most basic running shoe and told me to get on the treadmill and crank it up to 5.0. He then told me he was going to video tape me while I ran.

I looked at both him and Alexis completely dumbfounded.
I was in my work clothes, about to run on a treadmill...and I was being taped!?

I only had to run for :30 seconds but it felt like an eternity, like the entire store was judging my form.
Self confidence...I lack it.

Rory then played then video back on his handy dandy iPad and it wasn't pretty.
I knew I had an issue with overpronation, I just never knew what it looked like until yesterday.

So he put me in 2 other pairs of sneakers and back on the treadmill I went.

Everything was happening so fast I can't remember the names of the shoes but I know they weren't the ones for me.

Then he brought out a pair of Lunar Eclipse 2
and when I ran in them it felt right.

After a lot of back and forth {me VS myself} I decided these were the ones for me but I wasn't crazy about the color.
Then Rory broke my heart
They don't come in pink.
However the color combination I picked is pretty hot if I do say so myself.
Don't mind my candy corn socks.

Last night I went for a quick mile run on the treadmill at home.
No pain.
Just smiles.

Alexis and I talked a lot about running during our time together but there were 2 things that stuck out to me that I wanted to share with all of you.

1. Strength Training is SO important for running 
It will help prepare your body, especially your legs for endurance and distance.

Do not go from taking fitness classes to running a 5k.
like I did
Sure it may be easy for you to do but that doesn't make it right for your body.

Too much too fast leads to injury...
like I did

 I have 6 months until 13.1

I don't have an actual training plan, yet.
But this is what I am thinking so far:

I am going to run 1- 1.5 miles 2x a week, maybe more-maybe less.
Just to get my body accustumed to running.
Then slowly increase my distance.
Full 13.1 training will begin in March.

Disclaimer: The sneakers were gifted to me by the lovely Alexis. THANK YOU!!!


  1. Whoo hooooo!!! Yay, carlyn!! Way to set your goals high!! I am so excited for you! You will rock this half!! <3 spa love!

  2. this is so exciting! I plan on signing up for my first half next year! (: yay!

  3. Not crazy! Exciting! You will do amazing and I'll be there cheering you along the way :) xo

  4. When I signed up for my first half I'd only ever run 3 miles. You can totally do it, and you have plenty of time. Signing up is half the battle!! Also, I love your mantra :)

  5. This is so exciting!! :) Good luck on your running! I ran my 1st half marathon this year, and I was so glad I pushed my limits. It will definitely show you how strong you can be.

  6. I can do it! I went from unable to run a full mile in January to a 13.1 in October... Now, I am signed up for a full in January. I have come full circle, and you will as well. Good luck. SPA <3

  7. YAY!! I am planning on running my first half next year as well. I just started running this year too, the farthest I've gone is a 10k. I'm really excited to start training for a half, I just have to pick which one!

  8. You've got this! Slow and steady, just keep going! 13.1 is a fun distance, enough to challenge you and be totally doable. Proud of you!

  9. You can do it! You have such a great mindset for it too! Slow and steady wins! :)

  10. There isn't a doubt in mind that you won't rock those 13.1 miles girl :)

  11. Oh my gosh this is so exciting!!!! I know you can do it :)