Monday, November 26, 2012

Refocus: Day 1- Sweats & Eats

Last night I wrote a short and sweet post about refocusing my attention to eating and living lean+clean+green.

This morning I woke up and put that plan into action.

I hopped onto my gyms website for the first time in over a year to look at the class schedule.
I take the same classes on Thursdays-Saturdays and Sundays but I have usually stayed out of the gym on Mondays and Fridays because nothing seemed to interest me.

Group fitness classes are my go to for workouts. I find they push and motivate me more then I can do for myself, however as a commuter the classes I enjoy don't always work for my schedule.
In the past I have just used that as an excuse to skip a day or two, but not anymore!
It's time to pick a schedule and stick to it.


Here is what I came up with:

Try to remember this is my "ideal" workout plan for the week but things come up and plans change...all the time.

For Mondays the treadmill run is the the workout that is most subject to change. One week I may lift or use the elliptical, but  one thing will remain constant, I will be in the gym every Monday night which is something that never happens.
If I happen to be off on a Monday, I take a class called Elevated Training, which I usually regret for the rest of that week due to soreness.

I loathe spinning. 
I have tried to take several classes, several times and always end up walking out.
This will be my motivation for getting up and getting in the gym Tuesday mornings....hopefully.

Friday will always be a rest day.
Another day may be added in depending on soreness/work/school/life

Saturdays interval training will only be the weeks that my favorite instructor is teaching...yes I play favorites when it comes to group fitness.

Overall I like my plan.
I like that I HAVE a plan.
Gives me something to stick/look forward to.


Mom and I prepped our lunches for the week yesterday.
Both of us agree that planning work lunches is the hardest, but neither one of us is sure why.
Do you have this issue?

Here is a visual of the meals I brought with me to work today:

Breakfast- 1/2c oats+Justin's maple almond butter+ sliced raw almonds
Snack 1- Apple cinnamon Chobani + Kind granola
Lunch- Homemade chopped cobb salad
Snack 2- 2 clementines + tea

Dinner- The plan is left over chicken with roasted cherry tomatoes, but who knows what I will want after the gym. It may be eggs!
 Either way I am trying to steer clear of carbs at dinner, at least 5x a week.
TV Snack- Sugar cookie sleigh ride tea with honey

Day 1 is planned and put into action.
Tomorrow I will recap what I had for dinner + my workout before the abs class and if you would like I'll share my meal plan for day 2.


  1. Planning is so key to keeping me on track during the day & week as well! Nice job on taking innovative to get back at it! I have been looking for the Sugar Cookie tea & everywhere is sold out :(

  2. Good for you!! I've had the same feeling this weekend. I lost track and need to get back on the clean eating/consistent exercise wagon. It's definitely tough when working a full time job. Cheering you on Carlyn! I hope we can both reach our goals :)

    1. Thanks Lynda sometimes all you need is a good cheerleader in your corner =]

  3. You are doing fantastic! I love that you made a plan - so cute too! I am checking out a place to go for this winter and I am going to make it happen as I need it for my sanity! That will really help me! I hate packing my lunch but I need to get back into it. I just wish we had more fruits and veggies up here that were decent priced as well!!! GET IT GIRL!

    1. MOLLY! I miss you and your vlogs. How are you feeling/doing? Staying warm in Alaska I hope

  4. Planning is key!

    I absolutely LOVE spinning classes....I know you will day! ;)

    1. I WANT to love spinning, i really do... I don't know why I can't!

  5. Love everything about this post. Looks like you have got yourself a great plan girl :)

    1. Jessie you are one of the biggest supporters of me/jks I love you!

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