Friday, November 2, 2012

Mary & Bloomberg's terrible decision

I have gone back and forth about writing this post the past few days, as much as I love a good blog debate this one may get ugly and fast.

But I wouldn't be me if I kept my mouth shut so here goes nothin'....

This weekend there is a little event happening here in New York, you may have heard of it:
The ING NYC marathon.

  Under normal circumstances this event is one we all look forward to, whether you are from NY or not, but this year everything is different.
Sunday will mark one week since the start of Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on our city. 
As a result of the storm thousands are homeless and many those who have homes are without electricity or  gas, such as myself.

So many people lost EVERYTHING in a matter of hours.
Clothes, photos, toys, memories.

Yet our Mayor and the president of the NYRR believe that this race CAN and SHOULD go on.
  In my opinion it is nothing short of selfish. I fully understand the urge to return to normalcy but this huge event is too much too soon. 
 How can you justify hosting thousands of out of towners when you cannot provide shelters for residents?
On top of that you are kicking the newly homeless families out of hotels to host said runners?
Not to mention the food, water, clothes and other giveaways being given to volunteers/runners that can be given to those who have just lost EVERYTHING.
I just cannot wrap my head around this entire thing.

I am in no way suggesting they cancel the marathon, but I think a postponement is in order.

So many New Yorkers are feeling the way I am I went on the NYRR Facebook fan page last night and almost every comment is asking them to postpone this race. The manpower that will be used there can be used in SO many other areas of our city and state right now.

 I cannot imagine how many would be disappointed by a postponement but we need to look at the bigger picture. New Yorkers were seen dumpster diving on the news yesterday, homes have been gutted from the inside out and your going to provide massive generators for the NYCM?!
 I did hear from a fellow friend and blogger than NYRR is going to donate 1 million approx $26 pp to relief efforts but when costs are 30 billion+ it doesn't mean much.

People are dealing with looting, price gauging ,food and gas shortage. There are so many bigger issues going on right now which NEEDS to be the focus of our government and NYPD. Not manning the streets for people to RUN.

I don't see the logic. I have never been more disappointed in mayor Bloomberg then I am right now.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I feel like a broken record on this point. It is such a selfish move from the NYRR/Mayor Bloomy. It's just unthinkable and unfathomable. In the grand scheme of things, postponing it is not a big deal. But they are clinging to their $26.20 pp (or $1million whatever)- which is less than 10% of the race fee. They should donate their private generators to the displaced people in SI, Breezy Pt, and NJ. I am a proud member of the NYRR, but this move makes me ashamed. I am tired of people complaining and whining about their tapers, lost fees, canceled plans - where is the compassion?

  2. I agree. I am all for NY coming back stronger and better than ever. But this is too soon and too much a misallocation of preciously scarce resources right now. I know what a big deal running the NYC mary is...I can't wait to do it myself. But this feels wrong.

  3. I feel it's alittle crazy too! My sister is on day 5 of no electric, water, heat... Nothing! In the center of the city and many have no home or place of employment now... I think postponing the race would not be a bad idea at all! Keep on hanging in there, love! Spa <3

  4. I like in NY, but Upstate. It's nice to hear the perspective of someone who is actually there. For me, it's difficult to imagine...I think it was a good idea to write this post, so we can all understand the whole situation a little better. Thank you for sharing! I hope no one sees this as a place to start an ugly debate, but just a place to be informed.

  5. I couldn't agree more. I thought where I was was hit hard and we were some of the worst off but on Thursday when I was finally able to get to work and I saw what was going on outside of my little bubble I was shocked.

    Cancel? - no but postpone FOR SURE!

  6. I agree with you completely. I live in Houston (where during Hurricane season, we get pretty brutal weather). When Ike hit here a few years ago (and Tropical storm Allison put the city under water when I was a kid), the city shut down. I couldn't imagine losing my home, and then having the city put an event in front of the real priorities. It should totally be postponed AT LEAST. I think athletes will understand, and if they don't, they're callous.

  7. I agree!! I live in Alphabet City where flooding was outrageous. I was evacuated from my apartment and went to go stay with a friend who was shortly thereafter evacuated. (And my experience with Sandy is child's play compared to thousands of people's!!!) Downtown NYC is a ghost town. All resources should be funneled into repairing and restoring the city, NOT letting some out-of-towners run 26.2. Even postponing the race a week would make a huge difference. Hotels will kick out displaced New Yorkers to make room for runners and generators are being brought in for race functions that could be used for the elderly and sick who really need them. How is that fair?? It is unethical and despicable to prioritize the marathon.

    -Rebecca, an angry New Yorker

  8. Definitely a week is too soon for a city to recover from a natural disaster like this.

  9. I don't run marathons so maybe my opinion doesn't count much but I was shocked to hear that this wasn't postponed. There are people looking for shelter, the hotels are booked and these rooms, resources, and everything else could be freed up to take care of the residents.

  10. I agree & think you made your point in a very calm, rational way. I'm impressed because if I was in your shoes, I may show my dismay with meaner words. Very professional. Hope things get back to normal soon. Hopefully some of the runners that are in town for the now cancelled race will be able to volunteer and feel as if their trip wasn't wasted.

  11. the whole thing was/is just such a MESS!!!