Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping you on the edge of your seat

Friday is the LAST day to sign up and donate to Racing for Relief. We are currently $180 from our goal of $1,000...Please continue to spread the word as much as possible these last few days.

Before I recap yesterdays workout and dinner I just want to let you in on a mini crisis I just had to deal with.
I was going about my business getting ready to upload photos to this post as I usually do then Google yelled at me. My Picasa is out of free storage.

My initial thought:: What's a Picasa?!  Then it was: How did I get a Picasa!?

Anyway apparently I've used the free 1GB of photo storage here on Blogger/Picasa/Google [who knows] and I have to pay $2.49 a month to continue to share pictures with all of you.

If anyone has any other ideas to help me avoid paying to upload I'm all ears!

 Workout and Dinner

As planned I hit the gym for some treadmill running and then a 20 minute ab class.
I ran a quick mile in my Nike Lunar eclipse 2's while jamming out to FitRadio's Top 40 channel. Originally the plan was 2 miles but I messed up my timing and was only able to squeeze in 1 1/2, whoops!

After the gym I was starving, it was 7 pm and my last snack was at 3:30. I filled my plate with Chicken[ as planned], leftover stuffing and the last slice of Panera asiago bread [carbs AND both not planned]

I guess I was taking awhile to eat because Max fell asleep under the Christmas tree instead of begging at my feet like his brother.

TV Snack was supposed to be a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride but due to an unexpected and awesome package it was accompanied by some  of Angie's white cheddar popcorn.
 ...this is the good stuff my friends...

All natural ingredients AND gluten free.
A giveaway will be happening tomorrow or Thursday, stay tuned.



The food plan for the day:
Breakfast- 2 Pumpkin spice Eggo waffles [my last of the season, those bad boys are high in cals!] with 1 Tbsp Smart Balance PB and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cream cheese + scoop of ch-ch-ch-chia seeds
Snack 1- Banana 
Lunch- Chopped cobb salad [again] but this time no turkey and I added some shredded cheddar. White cheddar popcorn on the side for some added crunch factor.
Snack 2- Not in the picture but its the same as yesterday- Apple cinnamon Chobani with Kind granola.

Dinner [plan] Vegan pad thai from Wild by Nature. Not sure if I will have that because I am hoping to hit the food store for breakfast/lunches/snacks for the rest of this week since I realized I am 100% out of almost everything.

 I'll be back later with my workout recap for the day AND some fitness recovery tips I learned from Jillian Michal's newest podcast.
I know you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for this one ;)

WAIT...one more thing.... Do you like me blogging this way? Should I keep it or go back to the old posts?
Let me know!


  1. Justin Beiber started a blog called IJUSTKEEPSWEATING!!! I wish you would VLOG about that!!!

  2. I love seeing what other people eat during the day! Keep it up!

  3. You are like the 4th blog that I've read this morning that this has happened to. Me thinks something's going on in blogland but since I don't blog, I have no idea. However, someone suggested on one of the other blogs to make sure your pictures are sized at 800x800 (if that makes sense to you). Hope this helps.

    pruttybird at comcast dot net