Thursday, November 8, 2012

From hurricanes to snowstorms

Hurricane last week, snow storm this week and the weatherman just said it will be upper 60s all of next week.

What is going on New York?

A little Racing for Relief update in just 48 hours we have raised a little over $300! I am amazed at how quickly and eagerly everyone has responded to this virtual race. My goal of $1,000 may even be surpassed by November 30th!

Please keep spreading the word anyway you can.

Yesterday I was off from work and got my booty to the gym for the first time since Saturday. 
60 minutes of Kickboxing + weights has left my entire body sore today.
I am happy to report, BOTH knees seem to be healed thanks to more rest days then usual. I guess that's the one positive thing that has come from the hurricane?

After the gym I went to Target for ear warmers and more of my sugar cookie sleigh ride tea.
This is what I ended up with:

Yep that cart =$100 of goodies.
I bought non-perishable breakfasts and lunches for myself [still no power in the JKS household] they were out of my tea but I found a new one Candy Cane Lane and it is delicious!

Picked up some of this:

Confession of the day--I've never had Nutella before and after eating it I prefer the chocolate almond spread from Trader Joe's.

I also picked up 2 long sleeved shirts [black & white] and a really pretty ivory & rose gold scarf. I had a mini debate with myself over buying it because it was $15, which isn't expensive but at the same time I didn't need it.
Somehow the scarf won and it came home with me.

After Target I got in the kitchen for a bit and made 4 batches of bagel chips.
Here's how you make them:
-Preheat oven to 375 degrees
-Take a bagel cut it into 4 quarters then slice into thin pieces
-Spread out onto a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and seasoning of your choice
-Bake until golden brown and crispy

Easy and delicious!

I watched half of the Voice before passing out for the night. 
All in all a successful day off.



  1. I agree, this weather is a little crazy, but definitely looking forward to the warm weekend!! I used to be a Nutella fanatic- a few weeks ago I tried that Trader Joe's chocolate spread- and it is indeed delish!!!!!

  2. Ughhhhh I know, right?! I went out yesterday and it was seriously almost a blizzard! (I live in RI). I was having such a hard time driving because it was super icy, slushy, and just miserable outside :(

  3. You poor things up there! I just did a post on helping Sandy victims today ;)

  4. I am hoping that you get some relief - it breaks my heart. I am going to be doing a fundraiser as well - We just should be able to do more.....sending warm hugs and love!

  5. I've never had the chocolate almond spread from TJ's! But I do have a love affair with Nutella every now and again. I'm glad to hear your knees are at least healing up with this rest. Keep on hanging!

  6. I hate it when I go into a store telling myself I only need one thing, but for some reason walk out $100 poorer. Ha Ha!