Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites Week of 11/26

Woohoo we have made it through another week!
I am having a lot of trouble blogging right now because my K button is you know how difficult it is to type with a broken keyboard letter?
Looks like someone will be making a trip to to the Apple store this weekend, aka the danger zone.

After I hit publish on this post I am off to the gym then I am picking up my dad from the hospital :) and tonight is the start of VLOGmas which I am very excited about.

Enough rambling, lets get into the favorites...

Favorite Casserole Dish: I am just waiting for someone to host a brunch so I can bring this dish.

When I first came across  this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats it was all I could think about for days.
Eggs-2 cheeses-sausage and hash browns
in a crock pot
Gimme gimme

Favorite Sing At The Top of Your Lungs Song: Stars by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Haunting and beautiful.
I can't get enough of it.

Favorite Adult Beverage: New Years Eve is quickly approaching and this cocktail would be the perfect start to 2013.

To achieve: Place pink cotton candy in a glass and pour champange over it.
Pink & bubbly.
To make this kid friendly, pour sparkling water over the cotton candy.
Another idea? Garnish with rock candy!

Favorite Fashion Style: Leg warmers and boots. Need I say more?
This is a look I have been dying to wear for years now but due to big calves it has yet to happen.
I have a difficult time finding boots that fit right, let alone stuff a leg warmer in there.
Hopefully 1/2 marathon training will lean these babies out and next fall/winter I'll be able to wear this trend...just as it goes out of style.

Favorite DIY: Crafty people make me jealous and happy all at once. I often find myself saying "how the heck did they think of this?" Especially when I come across an awesome idea like this party hatband.

These would be the cutest addition to any NYE outfit or perfect for a birthday party. People of all ages can wear/enjoy this hat. Heck you can even have a party to make them!

Favorite Burn: Frosted Gingerbread candle from Slatkin & Co
I bought this candle on black Friday along with 3 others, however this is by far the BEST smelling candle in-the-world. If you're not a fan of anything gingerbread you will still love it, its THAT yummy. [It is actually burning right now as I profess my love for it]
The scent when it is not lit does not do this candle justice. Go to your nearest Bath & Bodyworks and pick one[or 6] up, and if for some insane reason you don't like them you can mail them here:
Just Keep Sweating
PO Box 5162
West Babylon, NY 11707

Favorite Must Have Sweat Gear: Chevron running pants from LuluLemon
At $88 dollars a pair these will unfortunately be staying on my wish list, but I just love these. At the moment I only own a bunch of tanks from Lulu and love them all, there is just something about spending a hefty amount of money on workout pants I cannot justify.
However if you are one of the recent Powerball winners and want to purchase these for your favorite sweaty blogger, the 12's will work for me and my address is above.

You guys are SO giving!

Favorite Wedding Cake: When Eddie and I first started discussing plans for our upcoming wedding we both knew that we did not want a traditional wedding cake.

I made cake pops as favors for everyone that attended our engagement party, they were a huge hit but also a lot of work. We have decided to have cake pops for our wedding cake and I LOVE this one.
I guess we will be having our cake and eating it too.

Favorite Seasonal Starbucks Drink: Gingerbread Latte

"I'll take a grande non-fat gingerbread latte please."
That's exactly how I order it from my barista, oh Starbucks you're so fancy.
There is nothing better then a GB latte on a cold day, seriously just the smell makes me smile.

Gingerbread > Pumpkin
I said it.
Now I am going to spend the rest of my morning looking up gingerbread recipes...there goes any real productivity for today.

By the way... this K button issue is making blogging 0 fun right now. Every sentence is taking twice as long.

Favorite Some eCard:

This is not 100% true but I do have to admit there is always talk about others in the gym.
My gym definitely has some characters: think lots of women with make up-perfect hair- lifting 2 lb weights trying to find their next husband.

Yeah, we have a lot of wealthy people in our gym, and ironically enough most of them don't work.

I am jealous of them, I would be able to take every group fitness class I wanted...

Speaking of which, it's time to hit the gym.
Happy Friday!

I will be announcing the Racing for Relief winners on Monday, just long enough to keep you on the edge of your seats this weekend.


  1. BAHAHHAHAHA I love this. Favourite exercise?! JUDGING!? HAHAHAHA. And those boots are amazing. I don't have a pair of leg warmers yet!

  2. I love those candles from Bath & Body Works. A single candle makes your entire house smell so amazing! I was already planning to go buy some more this weekend, believe it or not.

  3. I have the SAME issue with boots - my calfs need to calm it down some haha! And I LOVE the ecard -- made me laugh!!

  4. Girrrrl, I know about the big calves issue. I could never ever ever find boots that would fit my large calves. And I'd be so sad every winter (leggings... sweater dresses... sob, sob, sob). However, shoemakers are starting to cater more to larger calved chicks, yay! I recently got these boots at 6pm: and with a 15 inch circumference, they fit like a charm (most boots are 12-13). So def check around - you will find a pair to fit you just right. Recently I was reading a blog one running blogger who is in insane shape and she has to get boots that cater to her large calves. She lamented about it and it made me feel not so alone in that dept.

    Hope your dad feel better soon!! And I love the champagne idea!

  5. I love legwarmers and boots but I have always had such big calves that I am luck y if I can find boots that fit so sometimes I try to fake it with over the knee socks pushed down LOL

  6. Happy to hear your Dad is coming home! :)

    Those boots are hawt!

  7. Oh my goodness, that gingerbread candle NEEDS to be mine!

  8. I went to lululemon for the first time EVER this past weekend.
    saw those.
    covet those too.
    too too pricey for me :-)