Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fitness Recovery Tips from my BFF Jill

It seems like a lot of you like this style of blogging so I am going to keep posting this way Monday-Thursday. Friday is my favorites post and some weekends I write, some I don't... it all depends on life.

PS-VLOGmas is starting this Saturday! 
26 days of me rambling on camera, I know you secretly can't wait ;)


My alarm scared me right out of a deep sleep this morning at 4:31 am.
Yes I set my alarms at strange times because I find I need to trick my brain/body so it doesn't wake up before the alarm goes off.
I've also noticed that my brain/body hates me.
On the days I don't have to wake up early it decides that its appropriate to wake up between 5-6 am and the days I DO have to wake up for the gym [like today] or work it likes to sleep in.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Anywho I walked into the gym at 5 am and hopped stumbled onto the treadmill for a wake up walk before class.
I was able to power walk a 1/2 mile before the legs & abs class started, not too shabby for 5 am, eh?

We spent the entire 45 minute class on the stability ball, one way or another.
I have a new found hatred for that thing.
It may be the plank variations or the weighted wall squats/lunges/calf raisers we did.
I can't decide but either way we are no longer friends.

On the train this morning I hung out with an old friend of mine, you may know her, Jillian Michaels.
I was listening to her most recent podcast [I LOVE the Jillian Michaels show] 
 "Denying anger that exists in your life."

As always I felt like she was speaking directly to and about me.
Somehow she just hits the nail on the head podcast after podcast no matter what she is speaking about.
I love that I learn something new each week and always take notes while listening.

My favorite part of this podcast was the fitness recovery tips. She gave an abundance of information so I thought I would recap my top 3 [in my own words] with you:
[click to enlarge]

Eddie bought me a foam roller last month and it has become a part of my daily routine. I can feel a difference in the days I roll and the days I don't. I think a big part of my torn meniscus was a lack of stretching/rolling, so if you don't have one I suggest picking one up!
If not a lot of gyms, mine included, have them on hand so spend a few extra minutes post workout to take care of your muscles.


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