Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coming up for air

Working in Ad Sales for a TV channel is brutal during holiday season.
We focus on working ahead to account for the days we are out of the office, like this Thursday and Friday.

While I LOVE being off from work [and getting paid for it] it is pure torture those few days before.
Hence my disappearance from my beloved blog.

I feel as if it's better not to post at all VS writing pure rambling nonsense.

With that said I am here with some rambles AND nonsense!

-Eddie has been away for the past 2 weeks and I haven't seen him since November 6th!  I cannot wait to squeeze him on Friday but I am not-so-secretly hoping it will be tomorrow.

-There are only 10 DAYS LEFT to enter/donate to Racing for Relief! There are some incredible prizes up for grabs so go sign up now!

-Last night on The Voice Amanda Brown sang Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
I've been listening to the song ever since and have convinced myself I can sing it just as good, if not better then the two women mentioned above.
Don't worry I wouldn't record myself attempting this.

...or would I?

- I am going wedding dress shopping on Saturday and I could not feel less prepared...body wise.
Not to mention it is 2 days after Thanksgiving, great planning by me, as always.
It is rare for me to overindulge on turkey day because most of the dishes [turkey included] are not appealing to me, but I cannot shake my fear of dress shopping two days after the food based holiday.

Regardless I'm going to look awesome...right?
Just tell me that, ok?

-Speaking of food based holidays I have a big announcement coming your way next week about HOW we are going to shed the holiday pounds TOGETHER.
Health coach challenge comin atcha!

Okay that's it. I've rambled more then I wanted to and for that I apologize.
I'll have a real post tomorrow.
I promise!


  1. You are going to rock the dress shopping!

    1. Molly i love you! xo hope you're feeling great =]

  2. I am a "the voice" addict!!! I couldn't believe half the coaches hadn't heard that song before! Love it! Don't stress about dress shopping! One day of foodie loving won't make u look any different!! Just enjoy the amazing experience!!! Xoxo spa <3

    1. Who is your favorite this season? I am torn between Amanda, Trevin and Brian... SO many New Yorkers WOOT WOOT

  3. I imagine you in an office, on the phone, dressed in all pink workout gear making calls and working out at the same time.

    1. I wish your imagination was the truth...alas it's uncomfortable stiff clothes and sitting in a chair, sometimes I make the dangerous mistake of forgetting to get up for over 4 hours.

    2. Same! I look at the clock and realize...oh my..it's been far too long since I've stood up!

  4. i hope work isn't going to hard! remember to take some breaks!

  5. we love your rambles :-)
    post as you want.
    we'll read regardless.

  6. Dress shopping will be totally great - and fun - and tiring... those things are crazy to get in and out of - but you will love it! :)