Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bah Humbug

Goooooood Morning Sweaties!

It's hump day but for me it's technically Thursday.
  Last night I found out my dads surgery is tomorrow [Thursday] and my mom needs me to be at the hospital Friday to take him home/take care of him since she has to work.
Thankfully my boss is understanding and gave me the day off even though it's last minute.

Friday night Mom and I have a date in town, it's Old Christmas shopping night which neither one of us knows why it's called that. Nothing about this night is "old". Last year I thought it meant people dressed up in old fashioned clothing [don't ask me why] but that is not the case.
Either way we're going shopping with spiked hot chocolates in hand.
Pinnacle whipped vodka + hot chocolate = adult hot chocolate.
You're welcome.
Tuesday Night Eats

Last night I hit the food store after work as planned. Unfortunately I went there hungry so I made some unnecessary purchases which you will see in my snacks for today.

However one of my unplanned purchased worked out perfectly for dinner.

There are two things I cannot walk by in the food store without buying and that is brussel sprouts and kale. They just call to me and I always pick up.

So you can probably guess what I made for dinner:
If you guessed brussels, dippy eggs and nutritional yeast... you were right.
Also inluded: an unpictured drizzle of wing sauce.

I think I will make one of the VLOGmas videos about how I create this delicious masterpiece because I always get asked that question.

 Mom and I snacked on some of Angie's salted caramel popcorn last night while watching The Voice.
I don't know about you guys but I am thrilled that both Dez and Cody went home.
I'm rooting for Melanie, Trevin and Amanda...three way tie?!

Oh and the popcorn? It tastes like cracker jacks without the guilt.
AND it's gluten free
AND it's made from 100% all natural, clean ingredients
AND it's non-GMO.

Can you tell I love this company?

Someone forgot to turn her alarm on for 5 am bootcamp this morning.
It's okay though, I am changing the plan around since I am off on Friday now I will be able to take Bollywood Sweat.
No matter what 6 workouts WILL be happening this week.


I generally switch up my work meals every 2 days, otherwise I get bored and end up not eating what I brought.

Breakfast- 100 calorie whole wheat bagel. One side has Smart Balance peanut butter and the other has a wedge of Laughing Cow cream cheese, both have some chia seeds.
Snack 1- Chobani apple cinnamon yogurt and a banana.  [not pictured]
Lunch- Overstuffed Mexi-tato!! Sweet potato with black beans, shredded cheddar, avocado and a spoonful of French's Onions leftover from string bean casserole
Snack 2- Gingerbread Men cookies-- THIS was one of my unplanned+hungry purchases made last night, but this year I think my love of gingerbread is stronger then pumpkin.

Dinner plan-Mexican salad. I want to use up the rest of the black beans and avocado before I forget about them/they go bad.

The Rockefeller tree is being lit tonight! As excited as I am, it also bothers me a little. We can't hold off one more week until December? I hate how rushed the holidays have become, it takes some of the fun out of it.

Bah humbug.

Come back this afternoon for a yummy giveaway!


  1. Wishing your dad all the best on his surgery. Will say a prayer for you guys.

    Love the food choices. I've never had a brussel sprout and yours look delicious. Will have to try the Mexi-tato too!

  2. Saying prayers for your Dad's recovery. :)

    LOVE me some Brussels.

    As for Christmas, I actually love that the tree gets lit this early. My house is decorated the day after Thanksgiving...and it's not because I'm into the shopping and such. (I have never shopped on Black Friday OR Cyber Monday.) Christmas for me is a warm, loving, joyful holiday...full of memory making, getting cozy, and just I don't mind that it comes "early". The earlier it comes, the longer it stays in this house. :) It's never about the consumerism.