Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank You For Being YOU

What a week it has been.
I have put a lot about myself out there, more so then usual, and it feels good.

Thank you for all of your comments/feedback on my What's Beautiful journey and The Epiphany posts especially, I will be responding to them all I just need to take time to sit down and do it.
Even though I blog on an almost daily basis, there are a lot of things I do not post about my life, it isn't much but I do keep somethings private. So when let my vulnerability take over and write about my starting weight, goals, or binge issues it's nice to know I have an amazing group of people who are there for me.

You are the good in my world!
::end sappy talk::

I have a crazy day today starting with Jump & Drill. YAY! Kicking and punching is back in my life. My therapy!

Then I am spending the day with Lauren getting things in order for her first 1/2 marathon tomorrow. Crazy! I can't wait to support her and Gina as they both cross the finish line.
 This weekends vlogs will be jam packed with fun so stay tuned for that.

Speaking of vlogs here is a weekly round up of VLOGtober week 1.
Sound fun?
Good glad you think so.

Grab your coffee and breakfast, sit down and stay awhile.
Day 2 and 4 are my favorite.

Happy Saturday Sweaties!


  1. your vlogs are so great! i think that they are awesome to watch bc they are so much more personal than just written words!!! have a wonderful saturday, carlyn!! :o)

  2. If I could type..haha I meant, Great Logs!!

  3. Vlogs didn't show up for me! :(
    Hope the half mary was a blast! :)

  4. The vlogs are super cute!! I did the Diva yesterday did your friends love it?