Friday, September 28, 2012

Races, Vlogs and YOU

Lots of exciting things happening here in sweaty land, so lets not waste any time::

1.Wednesday night at PT I was given the OK to slowly ease back in my routine.
It was as if the heavens opened up and angels started singing.
To be honest I am not feeling 100% yet, but this weekend I am going to take interval training[one of my favorite classes at my gym] and see how I feel. The class is broken up into cardio and weight blocks, and I know if I don't feel like I can handle a move, I can modify it or worst case scenario...leave.

2. I signed up for 2 5k races in October:
The first one is Saturday 10/21 held right in town and it supports the MPS society 

The second is Sunday 10/28 and supports the Seatuck Environmental society.
I signed up for this race last year, and it would have been my first 5k however that was the one and only weekend it snowed on Long Island and I bailed.

This year I'm running it with my girls and we're doing it in costumes so NO excuses, sun/rain/snow/hungover we're doing it, together.

3.  Vlogtober. A bunch of FitFluential ambassadors are participating in this. It's the same as Vlogust, vlogging everyday of the month. I want to know if you think I should do it again, and if I do, what would you like to see videos of?

4. I am making apple chips this weekend in the dehydrator! Very exciting, I know. My mom brought home too many apples and since we are the only two in the house who eat them they'll go bad before we are able to finish them, so chips it is!
**If you have any tips/recipes on how to make them please send them my way and I'll give you a shout out when I post about them :) **

5. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. I want to feature YOU on here.
 Do you have a weight loss or fitness journey you would like to share? By reading this blog you know I am a firm believer of never giving up, no matter what we just keep sweating. This is your chance to tell your story and inspire/motivate others.  Whether you're just starting out, just reached your goal, etc.  I want to know about it.  This will only work if you participate.
 So please send me your stories and pictures to and we can get the ball rolling.
I really want to make this happen, so lets do this!

Happy Friday Sweaties!


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