Thursday, September 13, 2012

First PT session + Giveaway winner!

Last night was my first PT session as well as the first time I was able to speak with someone about my MRI results. I went in knowing I wasn't going to be thrilled with what he was going to say, but tried to stay somewhat optimistic.
The truth is I've been pushing it these past few weeks and now I have to pay the price.

I have a torn meniscus [we already knew this] and a cyst in the back of my knee [not sure how that happened] so that explains my pain.

 The Bad News
No running-kickboxing-jump & drill-dancing, etc.
All of my usual cardio classes/routines.. no more
For at least 4 weeks.
He knew as soon as he saw my face that I was bummed, I mean we all know how much I love my kickboxing!

For now he wants me to stick to walking-elliptical-biking/spin
3 things I hate to do. 
We are going to reevaluate my "situation" in 2 weeks and decide if I need the surgery.

What this means for you & my bloggy/ the good news:
I'll be posting a lot more upper body strength workouts
Elliptical/Treadmill walking interval circuits
Maybe even some more recipes?

All in all I know it's not the end of the world but you have to see if from where I am coming from.
I work out hard 6 days a week, I love what I do. I also work out with my friends. We all take the same classes, and spend too much time thinking/talking about them outside of class. It may sound over dramatic, but it sucks knowing what you're missing out on and having to hear about it.

Blah, I'm just being bitter and bummed. Bare with me okay?

Moving on to the good times::

Thank you to everyone for entering my "flash" giveaway yesterday! Apparently you guys love Starbucks/iTunes because there were a lot of entries even with the short timeframe.

The winner is:
My favorite thing is jeans and sweaters, and FOOTBALL, and not having to shave my legs so much. :)

[I totally hear you on the not having to shave so much]

Please email me [ ] so I can get your gift card to you!
I like giving back to you guys, so I think I'll do this again sometime 

Yea, I'm cool like that ;]


    and Ill help upperbodyBRAINSTORM if you need it.


  2. Hopefully the time will go quickly! Maybe you could do a walking/elliptical/cycling circuit so you don't have to put up with any one of them for too long!

  3. omg. im laughing so hard that you put an "fml" label on this post! haha. i love you, but seriously, hang in there, girlie! you're gonna make it through this and come out on top even greater!!! you can do it!!! spa love!

  4. ah, I hate if I'm told I can't workout. Good luck with PT!

  5. awww. I'm sorry you are bummed! I guess it could be worst though! So keep your head up and enjoy what you can do! (:

  6. Don't you worry about a'll totally get through it! I'm currently going to PT, too. ART....ouch! One of the trainers told me in the gym yesterday, "Isn't it funny - the things that are most painful are often those things we need most?" Such a great LIFE lesson in general! Happy healing!

  7. Sending healing thoughts your way! Really hoping the PT works and surgery can be avoided.

  8. I'm sorry about your knee. It's a huge bummer and I totally empathize. I've torn my meniscus twice. No fun at all. But, as much as it sucks now, listen to your PT and do your exercises. 4 weeks will go by before you know it and that first kickboxing class you take afterwards will feel that much better.

  9. I can totally understand how frustrated you must be. But keep the bigger picture in mind and you will be back to your kick ass self in no time!

  10. I hear you girl. I had to do PT for my knee this past summer and I think i just bummed it again by pushing too hard... and now my ankle hurts too

    but think :) You'll be better before you know it and then that kickboxing class will be better than you remembered!!

  11. The beginning of the holiday season (Halloween, T-giving, Christmas, etc). Just love that feeling in the air! Oh and FOOTBALL!

    1. Turds, this was supposed to be a comment on your OTHER post! {embarrassed face} Good luck with PT!

  12. Now, I'm biased, but spinning can't be THAT terrible, can it? ;-) Here's hoping for quick healing for you!

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