Thursday, September 6, 2012

Breakfast Tacos!

Long weekends really mess with my head.
They throw me off schedule, which leads to destruction.

For example I didn't food shop for myself this week.
Everyone else added their needs to our shared grocery  list
PS: We use the OUR GROCERIES app and it's free & amazing

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I was food shopping, but apparently it had nothing to do with needing to eat for 5 days.

Fast forward to yesterday morning at 7 am.
What the heck am I taking to work for breakfast?
Check the freezer
 1 lonely waffle
Check the cabinets
protein powder
coconut flour
chia seeds
almond milk

All of these ingredients came together and birthed a new morning favorite:

Please excuse the lack of polish on my thumb, it's bothering me too

It was protein packed which held me all morning.
Unfortunately I don't think we'll be seeing this at Taco Bell anytime soon..

For the taco stuffing measurements went a little something like this:
1 scoop GNC 100% egg protein powder, chocolate flavored
1T coconut flour
1 scoop chia seeds
2T unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Mix and chill for about an hour
For double the protein make a protein waffle, either Van's or homemade.

The "stuffing" options are endless so I see some variations coming in the near future
Think pumpkin.

Okay now that I'm done with you go make these, you won't be sorry.


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