Wednesday, August 15, 2012

That tire thing-a-ma-bob

I have been a busy little sweaty since we last saw each other!

After this mornings post I was off to kickboxing.
I wasn't sure how my knee would hold up but after making a few modifications to the moves it seemed to pop itself right back into place and I was able to get in a great workout.

I took a quick shower and was off to Firestone to fix my tire.
They told me it would only take 15 minutes so I decided to wait in their beautiful waiting room.
By beautiful I meant outdated with stale coffee, oh well it could be worse, right?

After 25 minutes the car tech(is that what they're called? If not they are now) asked if I knew were some thing-a-ma-bob was to get some nut/bolt off of my tire.

If you couldn't tell by now, car talk isn't my thang.
I drop it off for an oil change/tire rotation when I am told to, other than that its all martian talk to me.
Eddie was the last person to take a tire off of my car ( a few months ago I ran over a broken bottle, told you bad tire luck) and didn't put the thing-a-ma-bobby back in its place though he swears he did.
Oh my Eddie.

So my trip to Firestone did not last 15 minutes, instead it lasted over an hour. by 10:30 I realized I had not eaten yet today and was suddenly famished.

Good thing I always keep a protein bar in my bag and water bottle filled!

When I was finally able to leave I treated myself to Starbucks.
I figured a good caffeine jolt would put me in a good mood and fuel me for my test.
I went with a new-to-me drink: Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte.
She almost spelled my name right.

 They had samples of the new Hibiscus Berry refresher out and even though I have sampled this (purchased as well) several times it didn't stop me.


I came home took my test (scored an 85) and had some lunch before my physical 

Whole wheat toast, coconut pb, banana and drizzle-o-honey.


I took my very first breathing test, and it was HARD! I told the nurse I took a breathing test this morning in kickboxing so I didn't need to take it...she wasn't amused. 
However, I survived and was told I did great.
My EKG was perfect, which always makes me feel good.

We discussed my ongoing stomach pain/issues and it turns out I have too much acid in my body. She put me on a new medicine that has bicarbonate in it (she described it as baking soda for my body) and wants me to try for a month before we find other options.

We also talked about my weight loss issues (according to their scale I've lost 5 lbs this past year) and they want to test my thyroid. Last year it was high, so if it is high again she wants to put me on thyroid medicine because it can be the cause of some of my issues.

All in all I left feeling relieved to have some answers, annoyed that I may need to be on meds and thankful I am healthy.

Now it is time for Power long as mother nature behaves and then Wine Down Wednesday with the girls!