Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mini Golf and Dinosaurs

Yesterday may have been my favorite staycation day yet.
Eddie and I left the house around 10:30, jumped on the highway and headed east.
First stop was picking up his new glasses.

Looks like he may have copied someone elses glasses style...any guesses as to who that person was?

We drove for about an hour, talking about all of the homes we wished we could buy and counting sunflower fields. 
They are my favorite flower, and they seemed to be everywhere.

Lunch was at Buckey's Inn in Hampton Bays.
I suggested it thinking it was the one my mom always talks about.
Neither one of us was impressed by our meals, and decided not to listen to moms food opinions in the future.
{We told her about this when we came home, and found out we went to the wrong place. FAIL}

 After lunch we were back on the open road heading east.
Until we spotted mini golf and batting cages.
We've never mini-ed together, and I have never been in a batting cage.
This staycation is turning into a bunch of firsts.

I may have missed my calling with paddle boarding/kayaking but I did NOT miss my calling with mini golf.
I am as bad as they come.
Thankfully Eddie set the par at 5.
It took me 5 {mostly more} at each hole.

 Then at hole #18 a miracle happened:
I screamed, I couldn't contain myself.
There I was trailing behind Eddie the entire game and I pulled my skills together just in time to get the only hole in one of our game.

For those wondering the whales backside was more than happy to be photographed with me.

Clearly the theme of the day was hitting balls.
First golf, then baseballs.

We started out in the slow cage {35 MPH} because it was my first time and I kept thinking of Clueless when Amber says  "Miss Stoger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose"

However, I do not have a plastic surgeon and I was worried about my entire body, you get it...right? 

I immediately was reminded of my softball days when the coaches told me I threw too much of my body into my swing.
Somethings never change.

After one round in the slow cage, we moved to the medium pace {70 MPH} where I had a total freak out and hit maybe one ball.

We had so much fun and plan to do more active dates in the future. Eddie even mentioned hiking! 
On the way home we ran into some of his old friends

That T Rex never liked him, so much so he wanted to bite his head off.
I saved him, of course.

STAYCATION day 3 you were one I will remember forever.

Most of our adventures were caught on camera, if you need a laugh or two check it out.

Today's agenda looks like this :
-Take car to Firestone because I ran over a screw
I have terrible tire luck, in my senior year of high school I went through 8
-Take my first test for school {scared}
-Yearly physical 
-More school work
-Power X {weather permitting}
-Wine down Wednesday with the girls

Since focusing on my health and weight loss I look forward to my yearly physical. I have a few things I want to discuss with my Dr. Like my stomach and certain things in my blood work.
Last year he mentioned my thyroid levels being high but I never followed through with the next steps, so it will be interesting to see where I am now.

I'll check in with you post-appointment!


  1. ok so MAAYBE yer staycation is a close second to mine :-)
    Ill admit it.
    I covet the minigolf.
    It's too dang hot here.

    happy doctoring. I love what you said about kinda looking forward now that youre healthy.


  2. Awesome day! I haven't been to a batting cage in years, or played mini golf. Glad you had so much fun! xo

  3. Lovin' your staycation! Enjoy!

  4. Awh! Your day sounds so fun! I love mini golf!! Thanks for sharing! Best of luck at the drs today! SPALove!

  5. ball sports and I do not mix- I'd have taken out the camera in the batting cages :) Looks like a great staycation!

  6. Hi! Love your blog...I think I found you through Instagram somehow. New follower!

    Lora @

  7. your video and picture make me chuckle....great way to start my day! :)

  8. Looks so fun! I haven't done mini golf in too long.

  9. BRILLIANT way to spend a staycation. And congrats on the hole-in-one! Best feeling ever. :)

    The picture of Eddie with the squirrel/chipmunk/beaver looking creature made me laugh the most though! Haha.

  10. Fun day, haven't done mini golf in forever! Congrats on the hole in one :-)

  11. Another fun day to add to the books! I cannot believe you two have never gone mini golfing before. The hubs & I used to go all the time when we lived in the states. Mini Golfing + arcade always made for the greatest dates! Loving hearing about your stay-cation so far! It's so wonderful to see just how happy you & Eddie are <3

  12. the best video yet! you and eddie are too perfect for each other, so cute!!

    ps omg i love you and eddie. adrobz couple of the year award